Slovenia Top of Per Capita Olympics Medal Table

With the 2012 summer Olympics all wrapped up in London, its been time to look back the incredible feats of the medal-winning athletes of the competition. The United States took the lead in the medal table, snapping up a staggering 104 medals. China and Russia were in a close second and third, with 88 and 82 medals to their names respectively. None of these facts are particularly remarkable - each of these countries puts an incredible amount of time and money into training facilities and so on - but there is one other medal table that has been keenly analyzed as well.

By calculating the Olympics medal table per capita, it has turned out that Slovenia is in first place. While the country only took away four medals, this can be calculated as approximately one medal per 514 000 people. In contrast, the normal medal table winner Chinas per capita rating was not too impressive at all - only one medal per 22 million residents. In the remaining top five spots in the per capita medal table are: New Zealand, Jamaica, Denmark, and Cyprus.


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