Slovenia Battles for Kranjska Sausage

Slovenia is currently in a diplomatic battle with its neighbour Austria over a rather unusual subject - a certain type of pork sausage. Both countries claim that the particular type of spicy sausage originates from their country.

In Slovenia, the sausage is called Kranjska Klobasa, and in Austria the same product is called Krainerwurst. The names are derived from the border region, and the sausage has been enjoyed by residents of both countries for centuries.

The problem arose when Slovenia, which now hosts the Krajnska (Krainer) region, applied to the EU for Protected Geographical Indication status. This would mean that the sausage in Austria would have to be renamed to Kranjska Klobasa. This is similar to the protection given to such European products as Champagne wine in France and Parmesan cheese in Italy.

The two countries will attempt to resolve the dispute in the coming months, or the EU Commission will make a final ruling about the beloved sausage.


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