Extensions for Ljubljana's Botanical Gardens

One of the best kept secrets in Ljubljana is the relaxing (and free) oasis known as the Botanical Gardens, a garden with a 200-year-old history which has recently been extended with the addition of a tropical glasshouse. The tropical glasshouse measures over 500 square metres and houses small tropical plants on view from noon to 4pm on weekdays and from 10am to 4pm (closed noon to 2pm) on weekends.

The Ljubljana Botanical Garden's second glasshouse located at Tivoli Park will also be in the spotlight this spring, hosting the International Orchid Show. The star of the show will be the unique 50-year-old Ljubljana orchid, a hybrid which was created from several different species by the Dutch-Germany Anthura Arndt group.

The International Orchid Show willt ake place from 20 to 25 April.


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