World Cup fever hits Ljubljana

It's that time again where the whole world forgets about their internal and personal problems and instead focuses their attention to football's World Cup. The tournament is being held in Germany, but if your significant other has gone ahead and booked you a stay in Ljubljana without taking into consideration the fact that you'd rather be standing down the pub with a cold one or two watching the games, worry no more. Sports pub Lepa Zoga,, situated on celovska street right next to Tivoli Park, will be the unofficial home of the World Cup in Ljubljana for the next month, and will definitely be the gathering place of choice for the Barmy Army. 6 screens, a no-smoking area, good beers on tap, and the facilities to let you have a punt on the outcome of the match, this place is all you need. So, grab your St. George's Cross, your England shirt, and your mates, and head down there now to catch all of the action.


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