Bluetooth's Tourist Tips

Got Bluetooth? Then if you're arriving in Ljubljana at the Joe Punik Airport you can get up to the minute tourist information zapped to your mobile just as soon as you've picked up your baggage.

The new scheme has been put together to help visitors to the city get the most out of their trip the second they touch down, and is the brainchild of the Slovenian Tourist Board and and Creative Interakiv. As soon as passengers with the technology-enabled phones switch them on, after passing through the baggage claim area, they are asked if they want to receive info about the city. Say 'yes' and they'll receive a 'what to do' in the capital, places to see, excursions, tips for a safe, hassle-free visit and mobile money-saving coupons that they can use during their trip. Info can be downloaded in English or Slovene.

The promoters of the scheme believe that tourists are well used to receiving an sms when they touch down abroad from that country's mobile provider, so shouldn't be thrown as soon as old Bluetooth starts beeping for a second time on landing.


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