Lose It In Ljubljana!

After the "Reader's Digest" magazine conducted an honesty test in the largest cities in over 30 countries, some really great news for the Ljubljana citizens have to be announced. According to the survey, if you lose your mobile in Slovenia's capital, you have a 96 percent chance of getting it back. The magazine's reporters "lost" 30 phones in every city. Then, they called each phone and checked how many of the passers-by would pick it up and - ultimately - return it. The cunning journalists waited to see if anyone actually called one of the phone's numbers to find its owner.

Shockingly, in the supposed den of thieves, New York, 24 phones were returned. In Toronto, Seoul and Stockholm people turned out to be quite upstanding too. But Ljubljana won hands down! 29 of the 30 phones were returned. We wouldn't like to judge, but...shame on you Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur,where not even half of the phones came back to their proper owners!

To sum up: If you have to lose it, lose it in Ljubljana!


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