Ljubljana Man On A Mission

No one was more surprised than the Ljubljana Life team to find out that our very first editor, Kris Mole, long time resident of the city, was embarking on a seemingly impossible journey...

Feeling the ennui of life back in the UK, and spurred on by the illness of his close relative, Kris decided to set himself an incredibly hard challenge in order to raise money for Cancer Research. He set himself the goal of travelling to every capital city in Europe... with no money whatsoever!!! After buying a flight to Stockholm he set off with his passport and backpack but without a single coin or credit card in his pocket.

Just two weeks into his adventure, Kris is already feeling the strain of doing battle with the cold, hunger and lack of comforts his abject poverty has enforced upon him and yet with a little help from his friends and the kindness of strangers he is still fighting fit (well he's surviving!) and has already crossed Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin and Warsaw off his lists of capitals - next stop Vilnius!

Needless to say such unorthodox means of travels has brought him many adventures, which you can read about in his blog The Great Euro Freebie Challenge, or better still why not support Kris with some hard cash. Most of us know someone affected by cancer so you don't have to be a personal friend of Kris's to help with this great cause. Visit his Just Giving page here.

Ljubljana Life's parent company Lifeboat Ltd. is proud to have donated 250 pounds to set him well on his way to his inital target of 1000 pounds. Meanwhile if you can offer any help to Kris on his travels (he's pretty hungry!) then we're sure he'd love to hear from you.

Kris is planning to be back in Ljubljana for Christmas (a large dose of luck permitting), where he will can rely on a warm homecoming and some recuperation before continuing on his penniless way.


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