Laundry in Krakow

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ul. Dietla 51, ul. Długa 58

1. Pepe Laundry

8 reviews
ul. Stradomska 19

2. Frania cafe

1 review
ul. Limanowskiego 11

3. Pralnia Arida

0 reviews

Reviews about Laundry in Krakow

how much is it cost to wash my 2 kilos dirty clothes. and should i bring my detergent with me

Pepe Laundry

An efficient self-service laundry. We had a fun experience. The shop locks automatically at closing time and we had to call the number provided so we could be let out. And the response was immediate. Highly recommended for travelers staying longer and wouldn’t want to carry soiled clothes in their luggage.

Pepe Laundry

Thank you so much it's a life saver for me otherwise life without a dryer can't imagine.

Pepe Laundry

Bardzo fajne miejsce pyszne ciasta i kawa w dobrej cenie.

Frania cafe

Thank you to this website we found your laundromat much to our relief as we had no clean clothes left after long travels. Lovely and clean and good price. Note opens at 8am not 10 as site says

Pepe Laundry

Thank you very much. We've walked à lot and found nothing. We are going to this place with you're help.

Pepe Laundry

Great place, friendly service!

United States,
Pepe Laundry

The only one we could find in krakow, the attended was excellent and very helpful.

Pepe Laundry

good place! It was my first time in poland and i thought there would be some laundry but i've founded only this one. Theyyy're good!

Pepe Laundry