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Tourist Information Office
+48 12 354 27 25
Tourist Information Office
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Editor's review

Cracow's official cultural office can be found bang in the centre of town, just north of the Main Market Square. It's a handy place to know as they sell tickets to most of the top events in town, from classical concerts in hidden baroque churches to whopping stadium extravaganzas. They also publish a monthly events guide (Karnet) which is jam-packed with useful information, with a good spread of what's on in an around the city of Prince Krak.

Editor & Krakow Local


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Hello there, my wife and I visited Krakow on the 14th June for five nights. We really enjoyed the city, the people and trips to the major tourist spots around the city. We had a fantastic time. On the day of our return home we had lots of time to kill and decided to take the train from the city to the airport. This is where our problem began. The 17.43 train was delayed and unknown to us we boarded the wrong train heading away from the airport. Realising the journey was taking too long we spoke with the guard and with assistance from another passenger we were advised to get of this train at Myslowice station and travel back to the city. This is an unmanned station and with further assistance from another lady we took the 19.20 train back to Krakow. On this train another lady passenger overhead our discussion with the guard and options for making it to the airport in time for our flights. She took control of our situation and advised us that we may miss our flight if we went back all the way into the city. She then arranged for an Uber taxi to pick us up at Bronowice station to continue the trip to the airport. We made our check in within 5 minutes of the gate closing.We thanked everyone who helped us at the time but did not get any contact details of the two wonderful ladies who made our journey to the airport on time possible. This is a big thank you to both. It goes further to confirm that there are some kind and considerate people in this world. Love you Krakow

Reply Jun 21st, 2022
Sharonne McCall

Beautiful city, but lose your horse and carriage rides. I hate profiting from any animal. These horses are out in all weathers. Not a good look

Reply Oct 1st, 2020

BEWARE THIS SCAM! I bought my 8 hour day tour for the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Schindler's Factory Tour, and came from Canada for this. I waited with another family, and NO ONE SHOWED UP. We called and were told "all we can do is cancel your booking and refund you". I then later called the office when they were open, and they tell me they didn't even buy the tickets for the tours that we paid for (I paid for mine over 1 month in advance), then they hung up on me! SAVE YOUR TIME, MONEY AND FRUSTRATION!

Reply Jul 18th, 2019

Beware taxi drivers!! This taxi driver, for a few kilometers ride, charged 95 zloty. After checking computer taxi estimate website for Krakow, we discovered it should have been 15 zloty. Taking advantage of people coming in from the airport on the train who are unfamiliar with currency and public transport system carrying luggage and tired, this taxi driver was in the taxi lineup located across from the entrance to the Galleria Shopping which is also the entrance to the train station. He was super friendly in the taxi, upon arrival from 4 minute trip, showed us the price of 95 zloty; we gave him 100 and received no change. He was suddenly in a VERY big hurry.

Reply Jun 28th, 2019

locals use itaxi as they are the cheapest :) +48 12 653 5555 but its a good rule of thumb to always check this stuff before hand as it happens in most countries. just in a 2 minute google you can check normal taxi prices and just by find a normal recommended company. always ask the price estimate before you get in the taxi.

Reply Jun 28th, 2019
P. Lambert
United Kingdom

I turned up early (8.50 Saturday) at Tourist office on 2 Jana to buy Krakow card and get full day's use. The bloke in charge that day turned up at 9.15 with no apology for keeping me waiting. After asking to purchase the card he informed me no card could be issued without a voucher! Following an exasperated discussion he eventually realised I wanted to 'BUY' the card then told me that to buy a museum card without transport I had to buy a 3 day card and not the 2 day card I wanted as the latter only came with transport included. This seemed to me to be a bit of a scam to get more money out of tourists to buy services they did not want or need. The unprofessional manner of this gentleman was not suited to a tourist office. His lateness coupled with no apology and jumping to conclusions - rather than listening to my request - created a poor impression of Krakow

Reply Nov 30th, 2017
Neil Ross
United Kingdom

Watch out. I now know 4 people who have been drugged and robbed in Krakow in 2017. Check the internet for "Krakow Scam" and you will see hundreds of reports. Leave credit cards at home. Do not take them to Krakow. This town is attracting UK visitors because of its Nazi past. Sadly, the same shady criminal fraternity is still running the city. They are exploiting their criminal past. It would be nice to think the city would deal with this, but, sadly, old habits are hard to break. I suggest that tourists steer clear until it is cleaned up. Learn about Auschwitz from YouTube. Or visit Yad Vashem. Don't fund the same criminal gangs that perpetrated the Holocaust.

Reply Jul 19th, 2017

Hmm... are you from the Warsaw tourist board, trying to steal our visitors!? No. You're someone who got burnt by a strip club. The scam you are talking about is most likely the one where beautiful young girls lure sad looking men into strip clubs (or the sad men go there on their own) and the mafia who run the strip clubs (obviously, in like every country) get you drunk / drug you and steal from the credit cards. Just don't be creepy and take advantage of some girls that had a terrible childhood, are drug addicts, are trafficked, are trying to pay off some debt, trying to help their family in ukraine, fell in to the wrong crowd or whatever. Girls that are stripping just because they love it are not working in these clubs. You make your own bed to lie in when you go to these places. Bad Karma.

Anyway, as for attracting tourists because of Krakow's Nazi past, I'm pretty sure that the Nazi past rather puts most people off visiting. The reason a lot of people visit, unfortunately and as i expect you did, is for the cheap drinks and the cheap strip club girls.

The reason most of the people visit, however, is because it's an incredibly beautiful city full of amazing architecture, ancient history (believe it or not Krakow existed for and had many events and wars and peaceful times well before Nazis existed), beautiful nature, fantastic music, food and fascinating people (the ones you don't pay to talk to).

Reply Jul 20th, 2017
Damian Davidson
United Kingdom

I got ripped off after only being in krakow for 2 hours hadnt got to grips with the currency woman inside market charged me 150 slot for rosary beads which are only worth pence .she trades at first stall on the left feel bad about poland now .have keeped them as proof of being ripped off

Reply Jul 11th, 2017

To be fair Damian, you are the one who willingly paid her... and they definitely are not worth pence. Some rosary beads cost less, some can be extremely expensive. It depends on the quality, what they are made of, how old they are, how precious they are deemed to be, their historical value, etc. If you bought them in the market and they cost 150 zloty (not 'slot') then it's very likely that they had some historical value. However, at the end of the day, you are the one who forked over the cash. If the beads are actually cheap then the old lady was probably having a laugh and never expected in a million years that you'd actually pay it. If you bought them from inside Sukiennice, which it sounds like, then you bought from the most expensive 'designer' tourist stalls in the country. Moral of the story - don't buy things that you think are too expensive and then complain about it.

Reply Jul 20th, 2017
Sedlak Karel
Czech Republic

Good afternoon, as we go with group of 50 person (Künste Historic) to visit your city in April, send us please basic informations and a map of your city.

Travel Office

Alka Tour Brno

Masarykova 31

602 00 Brno

Sedlák Karel, tel. 00420 602 535 189

Czech Republic

Reply Feb 3rd, 2017
Anna McGowan
United Kingdom

Having just returned from a 5 day wonderful visit to Krakow and environs and our experience was more than delightful by the hospitality, warmth and friendliness all round, but for one miserable and utterly abomnible experience we had on our single journey on the tram no. 3 returning from the Bus Station to Kazimierz. We bought our 4 tickets from the ticket machine on the tram, unknowing to ‘validate the tickets’ and we were almost immediately seized upon by two rather unkempt and grubby ‘controllers’ who took hold of our ID and wouldn’t return it until we paid a total joint sum of 491 Polish Zlotys. To say that these men were underhanded is an understatement. Our tram journey was several stops and at no point did either of them tell us that we could and should just get up from our seats and validate the tickets at the machines dotted around the tram, one would have been a mere arm’s reach away, had we have known which one and where. They wouldn’t return the ID and were pressing us for payment. I am from Polish descent and I had two teenage girls with me at the time, as well as my partner who doesn’t speak Polish. We were truly frightened. We felt threatened and in all the kerfuffle and unclear guidance that they gave us once we got off the tram, unable to get away from the menaces, at -11 degrees, we were kept outside for a long time, at our fear and reluctance until payment was extorted by credit card. Quite a princely sum, for an evening’s work preying on tourists!

Such a primitive method is equally a disgusting way to get money out of tourists as well as local people. Krakow deserves better. My impression now of Krakow, as is my family’s, is that we will never return to Poland again. There must be another way of making money for this beautiful city. It’s outrageous and lacking in civility.

This pair of state sponsored thugs are well known, as in restaurants I got the local knowledge that this is the common tactic. Please send your Krakowiaks to England where public information and deterrents are everywhere so that no one is deceived or misled for pleasant experience during local travel and learn from it. To simply refer to writing on the ticket that it needs to be validated is a basic cheat, even if it states in 4 different languages - what if one doesn't carry glasses around to read such small print. To let this beautiful City down in such a dismal way should be a wake up call.

Reply Jan 8th, 2017

First off - I'm sorry you had an experience with them. They are not nice, it's a poor system, no Cracovian likes it and we have all been burnt by them. They are rude and obnoxious and yes, many tourists do not realise that you have to validate your ticket after purchase. But as you say, you had a wonderful time, met warm & friendly people, and loved Krakow but will never return to the whole country just because the tram controllers are bullys? You'll have to avoid most countries and general life experience, infact you might as well just stay home if you're going to let one bad experience take away from all the beauty. This way of thinking is bigger than simply you and Krakow. It affects your whole life. You have to let go and not poison the good memories with the bad, not crush future potential for joy with unlucky moments from the past. It's impossible that bad things will not happen here and there, the more you open yourself to life the more risk you take for both bad and good. You made a fantastic decision to travel and to experience a new country and culture. This one bad experience, much like with love, should not teach you to close yourself off. You are stronger than this and you can move past it as a warrior, having flexed your muscles and learnt more how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. It makes you wiser and more capable but harbouring resentment and anger alongside it will only be damaging to your growth.

Reply Jul 20th, 2017
United Kingdom

Avoid at all costs InterChange money exchange office. They WILL rob you no meter what you do. They will pay you half they should and in the end they will show you their term and conditions saying that it's what they legally do. They are pure thieves. You've been warned.

Reply Dec 9th, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you tell me if it's possible to hire a tour guide in Krakow? A group of students from Lithuania is coming to Krakow on 11th November, so we need a tour guide around Krakow. Any suggestions? Keep waiting for response. Thank you in advance.

Reply Oct 4th, 2016
Johan Björk

Dear friends.

I have a floorball team from Sweden , consisting of 15- 20 players in age of 35 - 63 years , Old. We are looking for a weekend to come to Krakow. Plat two friendly games in floorball.

City-tour and a halftday trip to Auswitz.

4-star hotell in City-Center.

Airporttransfer round trip.

Looking forward to hear from

On behalf of Blue Wings , Umeå Sweden.

President Johan Björk.


Reply Sep 15th, 2016

Hello. We are going to Krakow for 2 weeks on 3th August. We need a babysiiter for my twins (1 year). May you help us? Thank you.

Reply Jul 23rd, 2016
África Partido Caballero


my name is África and visit in july Krakow. Can you send me information about the city and city map from Krakow?

Sorry but my english is very bad.

Thank you

My adresse is

África Partido Caballero

C/Canalejas 30-2ºH

06400 Don Benito


Reply Jun 12th, 2016
United Kingdom

Watch out !!!!! If your a tourist keep your back covered in Kraków,Poland. There are tram scam in progress-big,intimidating people who get you as soon as you get on the tram and before you have time to validate your ticket.They pounce on you having watched you get on,and then expect you to give them ID or they will fine you!!! If you experience this- DO NOT give them your ID , wait for the police if needed as these schemers multiply from nowhere before you know it and in complete innocence as no wrong was intended. You are suddenly and I mean suddenly surrounded by people you do not know but who are demanding money from you. Not a pleasant situation and all because the schemers haven't hit their quota of fines for the day. Harassment and intimidation in public to say the least!!!! Can't stress enough to tourists-use your feet where ever you can-it really is the safest way in to travel in Poland.i have clicked 1star for public transport because there isn't a zero option. Beware,be very aware of who is watching your moves.

Reply Jan 19th, 2016
Reinhard Rosenberger

Jestesmy dwie osoby dorosle i szukamy restauracje na wieczor wigilyjny.

Prosimy o odpodziedz pozdrawiamy Reinhard Rosenberger

Reply Nov 27th, 2015

AVOID AVOID AVOID in any case all "interchange" offices! You recognize there offices at the orange colour says "KANTOR" and "Interchange". They rip you off at least 25-30 per cent of the value of money. I was sold 3,14 Zloty for 1 Euro while the official course was 4,2:1. Stupid me had to much trust. But if money is involved you should spare any trust. Get money from the bankomat the ATM and you save. NEVER go to "Interchange". Also see the internet for comments on "Interchange". It's quite enlightening!

Reply Sep 13th, 2015
United States

BEWARE OF COCO ART GALLERY NEAR THE FLORIAN GATE. On April 25, 2015 my sister and I spent about $1,000 US and as of today (Sept 9). We have not received our purchases. They told us they would fill a crate of goods going to the US and our items would be shipped within 3 months. I have emailed several times, posted on their Facebook page, and sent private Facebook messages. I took pictures of the merchandise before I left the store and included those in my email, as well as a copy of my receipt. They will not respond to anything. Don't even buy there if you can carry it with you - why support a disreputable business when there are so many honest merchants to choose from in Krakow.

Reply Sep 9th, 2015
Ripped Off Tourist
United States

AVOID the kantor/exchange at 9 Grodzka! I just lost 35% of $200 USD. In other words, I got $70 worth of zloty less than what I should have. Watch out for the bright yellow storefront, and the crowds of angry people who just got scammed by these thieves.

Reply Jun 3rd, 2015

Good evening,

last month I booked by email and hotel in krakow, I have sent another email remembering the booking and now the hotel says that they have no room for us because they have removed the booking, and they offered us another room in another hotel more expensive than the one we booked.

Please, how can I have a claim against the hotel?


Reply Nov 20th, 2014
Trudy McNulty
United States

I hope you can help me. My sister and I were in Krakow early Sept. We purchased several pieces of art work from COCO ART and paid for expedited shipping with a one week delivery. The shop did NOT accept credit cards (which we thought was strange for a business), so we paid cash. It is now Dec. 19th, the items still have not arrived. We have made several attempts to contact Barbara, the owner but get no response. The shop is located at: ul Grodzka 4, Krakow--her email is Phone # is 48 790 701 929. Do you have a Consumer help office there who could intervene on our behalf? Thanks for any help you can give us.

Reply Dec 19th, 2013
Toni Robertson
United States

Hi Trudy, My husband and I experienced the exact problem you had with Coco Art. I was wondering if you ever received your merchandise?

Reply Jul 11th, 2015
United Kingdom

Coming to karkow in jan and want my wife and I to see salt mines and Auschwitz but getting all different prices for tours can yous help thanks

Reply Dec 4th, 2013
Ken Lopez
United States

I recently traveled to Krakow and loved it. How can one become an English speaking guide for the city walking tours/tourism bureau there?I am tri-lingual Spanish, Eng, Polish.Can somebody provide me any information abou tthe process involved in becoming a guide? do u have to be a naturalized Polish citizen? do you need a visa? what does that job exactly entail? is it paid or do your work off tips? Again, Id like to relocate to Poland asap. Somebody plz offer some advice on this -Ken

Reply Jul 31st, 2013

Hi all, i dont understand why you complain about exchange rates because it is so simple check rates or ask the cashier before changing, that is what I advise my friends visitin my country :) VV

Reply Dec 20th, 2012

Hello friends:

We will stay at the Crown Piast.

We are 8 persons.

how to travel from the hotel to the city center?

If you can recommend any private transfer for 8 people for after

8 pm.

What are the prices for taxis from our hotel to the city center?

What is the most popular place to drink beer in Krakov?

my best regards


Reply Dec 12th, 2012
United Kingdom

I visit Krakow twice a year to see my relatives, and I also had the same experience with the Bureau de change in Florinska Street, the exchange rates are confusioning. If the Polish Government want to improve tourism they should inspect the Bureau de changes as tourists will not return with bureau de changes indirectly stealing money from their customers.

Reply Oct 25th, 2012
United Kingdom

there are very good hostels . globe art is very nice and clean. if we all dont pay the rip off prices. then they will change and pay there staff proper salary. i wont pay for a polish fat cats bmw. pay your staff

Reply Jul 30th, 2012
United Kingdom

best place to change money second floor kantor in galeria shopping mall . best rates always. dont pay rip of prices in hotels or apartments . when staff are paid 5 zloty per hour greed and greed polish fat cats

Reply Jul 30th, 2012

vorrei mappa citta' e prezzi x dove poter dormire in centroa krakow e notizie x viaggiare in treno da kakow a varsavia

Reply Jul 6th, 2012
Rekha Sameer
United Kingdom


My name is Rekha and I visited Krakow for the first time with my husband Sameer Jalundhwala. On Friday night, at around 11:30pm, we came to Lizard King and asked about food/snacks etc. The door man said 'No'. We could hear a band playing on the stage. We said we would like to come in for a drink. The door man said 'No' a few times and

kept allowing people from behind us into the club.

I asked him why again; He said 'No' is a very rude way, loudly and aggressively.

After standing there for 5 minutes, he turned around looked my husband from head to toe and said, 'his shoes'. I showed him people in the club who had similar smart trainers and asked for a credible reason.

He said 'No'.

I asked him 'Is it because we are brown?'

He didn't reply for some time.

He said again ' You cannot go in tonight'.

According to me, this smacks of rascism. It was insulting and extremely hurtful and left me and my husband unwelcome in Krakow.

My husband is one of the top management people working for IBM and employs 100s of people working in Outsourcing Centre, Krakow. IBM have given your establishment business through conducting events at your club. I hope you can stamp rascist attitude towards brown people in Poland!!


Mrs Sameer

Reply Jun 21st, 2012
United Kingdom

it was really help full with my homework and i would definitely use this site again i found out a lot of info about Krakow and i might go there for a holiday

Reply Nov 9th, 2010
United States

Bureaux de change in the city centre, particularly on Florianska Street and in the Market Square, are notorious for giving hopeless rates. The age old trick is to insert an extra zero on their list of rates. A rate of 5.0889, is easily read as 5.889. Visitors fall for this time and again. Once you are wise to this, have fun spotting all the scammers! In general, rates improve the further away from the centre you go. If there is sufficient demand for it, Cracow Life will introduce a daily list of the best rates around. Just contact us and let us know!

Reply Aug 17th, 2010
United Kingdom

DO NOT CHANGE AT COMPANY CURRENCY EXPRESS OR INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE!!! STREET FLORIANSKA 53 IN KRAKOW. THey advertise rates in very small and at the end you do not get what it says!!!! IT'S A RIP-OFF

Reply Aug 16th, 2010
United Kingdom

DO NOT CHANGE AT COMPANY CURRENCY EXPRESS OR INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY EXCHANGE!!! STREET FLORIANSKA 53 IN KRAKOW. THey advertise rates in very small and at the end you do not get what it says!!!! IT'S A RIP-OFF

Reply Aug 16th, 2010
David Webley
United Kingdom

RIP OFF BUREAU DE CHANGE. AVOID INTERCHANGE at 9 ul Grodzka or any other branch. I lost 200 pl zlotys on 200 UK pounds. I'm pretty experienced but on my third trip to Krakow having had no problems with exchanges in the past I dropped my guard and did not ask how much I would get. The trick in this exchange is the THIRD column of figures if you change less than 500 $ or Pounds you get a CRAP rate. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Even better go in and tell them why you are avoiding them.

Reply Jul 18th, 2010
chris mcmahon

"Ripped off" by Krakow Foreign Currency Exchange Bureau ...

Typical story - just arrived, tour bus waiting and only Euro in my wallet. Urgently need some local ZL. Visit the closest bureau. Foolishly don't check the exchange rates (...I travel all the time so I should know better) Rude indifferent bureau clerk (...not typical Polish attitude) who exchanges 200 euro for 602zl. I later checked with another bureau to find the correct sell exchange rate would have given me approx. 800zl. Returned 2-3 hours later to complain to the same clerk who basically gave me the Polish equivalent of the "bird" and ignored me. Left a real bad taste in my mouth. Krakow is a great town but this is what I will remember most. This type of dishonestly is just plain bad for business and for Krakow tourism. The bureau is called Interchange and is located in Ulica Florianska, just short of the old town square and is the bureau closest to the square. MY ADVICE - AVOID THIS BUREAU

Reply Jul 2nd, 2010
Carlos Parrell

Hello!, We are 7 persons that are going to Kracow in July for 4 days. We dont know anything of the town and Iask you to send tu Spain all information you can: maps, transports, interest places to visit, etc...

Carlos Parrell Sola

C/ Placeta Fonda, 9-2º

46410-Sueca (Valencia)


Thank you

Reply Mar 10th, 2010
Francis Mulvenna
United Kingdom

Had a 4day city break in mid march 2009,we stayed at the Qubus hotel on the river wisla,staff were very friendly and helpful.Was not disappointed in the sightseeing of krakow.

Reply Jun 22nd, 2009
United Kingdom

Lots of good free information here once you arrive. Right next to the Market Square.

Reply Oct 21st, 2008
Gurjit Singh

i and my more three friends want to visit krakow for 10days. can you refer us any trevel agency which can arrange jour trip or hotel acommodation. plz reply ealry.

Best regards,

Gurjit Singh

Reply Jan 19th, 2008
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