Dentists in Krakow

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ul. Borelowskiego-Lelewela 13

1. Cichoń Dentistry

10 reviews
ul. Balicka 73

3. Albusdent

0 reviews
ul. Dobrego Pasterza 16

4. Agmadent Dentist

4 reviews
ul. Basztowa 3

5. Vita Medical

2 reviews
ul. Na zjeździe 13

6. Denta-Med

0 reviews
ul. Wenecja 19
ul. Kielecka 1/02

8. 3G Dentist

0 reviews
ul. Zakopiańska 62
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 100

10. Dr W Aesthetic

0 reviews
Pl. Szczepański 3

11. Scandinavian Clinic

1 review
Rydlówka 19/LU09

12. Cracow Dental Centre

0 reviews

Reviews about Dentists in Krakow

Great service, perfect location, and friendly staff! Exceeded my expectations with in terms of the facility. Great place, great team, highly recommend.

Scandinavian Clinic

The best dentist in Krakow

Agmadent Dentist

Use to be a good place, but they lately they choose wrong bracelet for my daughter, so I wasted money and time....

Cichoń Dentistry

Absolutely fab service, i had my teeth whitening and two flllings , very happy with big smile : ) t's difficult to find a doctor in Krakow who speaks good english, here is no prob. I highly recommend dr Cichon dentistry.

United Kingdom,
Cichoń Dentistry

The treatment in Krakow lasted for 10 intensive days, but result is excelent and It was absolutely worth it. A very satisfied Scottish Viking who is coming back home with great relief and smile, and met this wonderfull Norwegian princes : ) God job Mr Cichon !

United Kingdom,
Cichoń Dentistry

Im very happy,satisfied and also surprised how great this dental expierience was : ) Love the city, met great people and comeback home with a great white smile : ) Thank you Marek for great job , you are fantastic dentist!

United Kingdom,

Very good contact before the treatment, all necessary information was given via email. Two treatment sessions without problems. great service and excelent dentists.

United Kingdom,
Cichoń Dentistry

Excellent service - everything well organised, no need to worry at all. Professional, quick, hardly painless ;) Good choice!

United States,
Cichoń Dentistry

I went to Cichon Dentistry last month for maintenance dental . I have started from teeth whitening and braces to gum surgery to implant dentistry. Dr. Cichon is very professional, plus he has got the best equipment and high-quality materials. Im very pleased with his work. Thank you.

Czech Republic,
Cichoń Dentistry

Absolutely fabulous place, i'm traveling to Krakow every month for my dental treatment, great value and great specialists, highly recommended to anyone who is looking for the best dentists in Krakow

Cichoń Dentistry