Krakow Nightlife Guide

What happens when you take an ancient Polish capital, fill it to the brim with cafs, bars and clubs, mix in roughly 120,000 students and then shake this up with a generous measure of ex-pats and young tourists on holiday? The explosive cocktail that is Krakow's nightlife: that's what!

And where can you sample this heady and hedonistic brew? There's no better place to start than in Krakow's splendid Old Town where, underneath a faade of ancient architecture, are housed countless dens of vice and inequity all eager to cater for your ill-advised pleasure. Those of you that have spent any time in Krakow will agree with me when I say that there are few greater experiences in life than following your nose down a dark alleyway or into a cloistered courtyard to discover yet another fantastic bar that you'd never been to before. But if you are new to the city, or are planning just a short visit, then you needn't worry, you don't have to be Keith Richards to track down a good watering hole - we at have done the hard work for you! In addition to our complete caf, bar, pub and club listings we would like to proudly present to you our specialist section, Cracow Life's very own Nightlife Guide.

Let's start with the pubs. Now whereas many a young Pole feels that it is perfectly OK to rock up to a club at ten o'clock and make themselves comfortable for the night, the English amongst us know that this nefarious practice is in fact illegal. All nights out, by orders of Her Majesty The Queen (whose authority bypasses such frivolities as international borders) must start in a bar and no later than eight o'clock! Luckily for those of you who share this Anglican ideology, Krakow proves to be something of an alcoholic's paradise. There is a fantastic selection of pubs and bars, often housed in attractive subterranean cellars, which will serve you their finest piwo (beer) for around eight zloty a time (that's about a pound and a half, or two euros). One such cellar bar (or 'piwnice' as they are known in Polish) is Piec Art. These types of places attract a young academic crowd, relatively free of tourists, and are great places to savour a pre-club beer and build up the excitement before the carnage begins in earnest. Piec Art also hosts the occassional jazz night. If though you prefer something a little less studenty and a bit more swanky, then Boogie Bar and Shakers Club are the upmarket joints that are aimed at the money crowd. But then again why not chill out in the relaxing confines of the Budda Drink and Garden, or watch the world go by from any of the many cafs in the main square? When it comes to drinking this city simply spoils you for choice!

If Krakow isn't short of a bar or two (about two hundred in total by all accounts), then you don't have to go very much further to find a club. The roads leading onto the main square are chock full of doorways, which, unnoticed during the day, sprout big burly doorman at night and entice you in with the powerful thump of a familiar bass-line. Although there are clubs that cater for every taste, the vast majority of venues plump for the lowest common denominator soundtrack of house and techno, splash out on a nice bit of dcor and succeed in attracting a mix of tarted-up girls and the usual suspects trying to pull them - or get dead drunk trying. Frantic on Szewska features very palatable house and the girls are tops. There's a second room for hip-hop, and usually the entire place is ram-packed from Thursday to Saturday, whilst Goraczka next door plays cheesy party music and is lively every night of the week, even on Sundays (and if all the good girls are at church that leaves only the bad girls, right?).

Whereas you can enjoy full-scale carnage at any of the above if (like the author of this guide!) you are a something of a 'club snob', then don't despair - there are a few genuinely great places in Krakow hosting serious music nights for the more discerning party-goer. Near the top of the list is Rdza, which has welcomed drum and bass acts as famous as Andy C on back-to-back nights with Makoto feat. MC Deeizim, whilst Ministerstwo is another good alternative to the generic tourist traps, and a worthy addition to the Krakow nightlife scene. But of course, when it comes to the big players no guide to Krakow's nightlife would be complete without mentioning Krakow's most wayward child, Prozak. With its shameless (and yet not entirely without merit) door policy of letting in only fit Polish girls and rich foreign men you might expect the worst, but it regularly stumps up stunningly original house and techno sets that are surely wasted on some of the clientele. Needless to say that if you feel differently please keep us informed by posting a review!

Did someone say they don't like dance music? Shame on you, but fear not - when the thought of yet another night of 130bpm blasted at your poor lugholes gets too much, then you can visit one of Krakow's 'alternative' venues, for 'alternative' people. Carpe Diem I and II and the Tower Pub dish up the metal to the rock kids; and, if you want a truly Polish experience, check out a ragga party at Art Klub Bledne Kolo, which by the way also hosts some pretty wild electro parties, normally on Saturdays. Finally, housed in the same building on Wielopole street, Caryca, Lubu-Dubu and Kitsch add further diversity to the Krakow nightlife experience, and each come complete with their own cult following. Kitsch is one of the only gay bars in town and is famous for throwing a riotous party until the very early hours. (Editorial note - these 3 clubs on Wielopole are currently CLOSED due to buillding regulations, but we will keep this page updated should they re-open)

If all that isn't enough to keep you entertained in Krakow then you will be pleased to know that this is just the sand in the city's bikini, and there's plenty more left on the proverbial beach. Besides the Old Town the reinvigorated area of Kazimierz is rapidly enlarging its reputation as the place to be right now. A bevy of bars and cafes and a couple of clubs are pulling the arty crowd away from the tourist hordes in the main square and preserving a genuinely sophisticated drinking scene in the unique Jewish Quarter. The majority of the best venues can be found in and around the Plac Nowy, the funkiest of which is surely the ultra-hip Alchemia. Worth its weight in gold on any day of the week, it also hosts various concerts and performances in the shadowy depths of its downstairs. More upmarket, Le Scandale is the name on the lips of those in the know. But if you are looking for romance (viz. a cheap lay) be warned, the Kazimierz crowd wouldn't look out of place in Hoxton's finest and the chat up line 'do you speak English?' doesn't guarantee the same sort of success that it does in the tackier joints around the Old Town.

One more thing you should remember about Krakow's nightlife is that it is heavily influenced by the seasons. As summer rolls on and the Polish students finish their exams and jet off to man the bars of London and Dublin, or to venture even further afield, the scene will change considerably. Their number will easily be replaced by the high season's tourists and it's a safe bet that anywhere with seats in the sun, plus all the clubs around the Main Square, will be doing a roaring trade as excited young hedonists on holiday hustle at the bar to be the first to spend their zloty. It's not real money after all!

So now that you know a little about Krakow's nightlife, don't you think it's time you checked it out for yourself? There are hundreds of places besides those mentioned here to try out and we suggest you use our pub and caf directory to get a fuller flavour of what's for you. We are just the few and you are the many, so don't let your opinions of a venue you have visited go to waste. Keep us and our users informed by posting a review and help us make Cracow Life the most up-to-date and accurate guide to the city's hotspots. Remember the best and most informative annual review wins a weekend trip for two back to beautiful Krakow with all expenses paid - that includes flights courtesy of Cracow Life, tours courtesy of Krakow Tours and accommodation courtesy of Krakow Apartments!

Finally don't forget to check out our clubbing guide courtesy of our friends at where2B. If you want to know which is the best party in Krakow they'll tell you where's it at!



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Jason Paul from United Kingdom Reply Feb 26th, 2015

Love Krakow. Worked there for a few months and been back a few times. Know all the strip-clubs well, never pay by card...only cash. I did get ripped off by one pretty Ukrainian pole-dancer in one club.....who met me several times outside the club and promised the Earth (love, and marriage) but was only using me to constantly buy dances and make money off me....caught her with another customer, doing the same thing, so ended right there! Plenty of things to see and do, locals are mostly very friendly. enjoy but be aware....

V8 from United Kingdom Reply Jan 28th, 2015

it's good if you are or wanna get deaf and like techno

ian from United Kingdom Reply Sep 26th, 2014

going on my stag do this october, how much are the drinks roughly? does anyone recommend anywhere in particular. ( not touristy just drinking lol)

JuLIA from Netherlands Reply Jun 26th, 2014

Im off to Krakow soon with my 15 yr old son. What is the min. age to get into a dancing club (like a disco to dance not to find hookers) What is a good place for edm or house music?

Lynn Reply Jun 18th, 2014

Are there any males strip clubs in krakow? Going at the end of june on a hen do...any help would be great?

jim from United States Jun 22nd, 2014

probably this is too late but there is no male strip clubs as such but you can visit the female ones. Maybe that doesnt float your boat but there is a nice one at 24 florianska st that will accomodate you :))

John from United Kingdom Reply Mar 21st, 2014

If you want to spent the alsom time with amazing girls visit the Bunga Bunga Club on the main square.

TimHanzo from Trinidad And Tobago Reply Jan 29th, 2014

Hello, does anyone have any tips about the most simple way to get their baby to sleep all night? I have read various pages with suggestions but I am still struggling. Best wishes

Jake from United Kingdom Reply Nov 22nd, 2013

Thought it a bit overrated, to be honest. Girls are pretty, though!

Jason from United Kingdom Reply Nov 20th, 2013

For bars, all you need is the main square in Kazimierz. No probs at all for me and the mrs. Super drinks, friendly people and no trouble.

Josh from United Kingdom Reply Oct 23rd, 2013

Going in 9 days time what's the best club other there!

Helen from United Kingdom Reply Sep 16th, 2013

Love Krakow ! Party time !

Guillermo from Spain Reply Aug 12th, 2013

Hi! I am just at Krakow airport to get back to Spain. I have to say that its a great city. But IMPORTANT: You have to take care about meeting some nice friendly girls in the street and go with them to any cocktail bar. They will bring you to a place (probably HARD CANDY) and the bill will we really high for a few drinks. Avoid this. This is typical and its a way to steal money from tourist and these two girls are part of the organization. I have reported to the police. Take this intp account. Avoid HARD CANDY

Hehe :D from Sweden Reply Apr 22nd, 2013

Krakow is a great city! But every tourist town has their scams! 1. Im polish but live in sweden. i was their on a trip with my class, The taxi drivers allways pay out a higher bill to tourist. Example: I was paying 30 zl for 10 minute driving, but by friends payed 60 zl for the same route. 2: pickpoketing is common everywhere but especcily in tourist citys. My passport was stolen after a club night in krakow. This was the only scam that i rekongnized. The most suprising thing that happend in krakow and i was 100 % that it would be another scam for me and my friends where that after a night at diamond strip club, it stood a taxi driver outside and i did go to him and asked him on polish if he knew any hooker house. he said yes and did say that he could drive us to that place. me and my friends didn¨t even got money so he drived us to the hotel. so we could get the money. alredy their it sounded to good to be true but then i drived us to that house and we payed 300 zl for 1 hour fuck. The girls was 20-30 years old and where really good looking. There were 3 big guys that watched champions league and didnt care that we were there. After 1 hour sex the taxi driver had been waiting for us and he even drive us back to city for 50 zl. and thats not expensive at all! he was a really nice guy and we didnt get scamed at all! So if you dont make trouble and are clear with what you want everything will be good! sorry for my english haha ;) have a nice trip. the city has much much moore nice sides then dark;)

Rob from United Kingdom Reply Mar 6th, 2013

This city rocks!

new guy from United States Reply Jan 4th, 2013

Hi, i am coming ro krakow for the first time. I have just started learning this wonderful language called Polish. I heard the nightlife is good. But i have never heard of any scams? What scams? Can you tell me what to look out for? And how do i contact couch group? And what is couch group?

Sisi from Poland Reply Jan 4th, 2013

Nightlife is awesome if you wish to avoid scam get help on couchsrufing krakow group. Lots of locals there willing to guide you even if you do not couchsurf.

santa from United States Reply Dec 30th, 2012

which girl is that then???

Jim from United States Reply Dec 27th, 2012

anybody have been in Flames stip club this year? Tell me about one girl Santa, heard she's great :)

kurwa from United States Reply Dec 16th, 2012

why not just tell them to **** ***? didnt you see any police about?

hard candy from United States Reply Dec 8th, 2012

Avoid hard candy bar in Krakow!!!! We were violently forced to go to the cash machine to pay for drinks we did not order!!! The usual scenario is two prertty girls luring you in.

Katie from United Kingdom Reply Nov 7th, 2012

Incredible parties here - JUST LOVE IT!

kocham polska from United States Reply Jul 4th, 2012

Just back from krakow after a stag party weekend. I have to say what an amazing place. The beers and restaurants were reasonably priced. But at night we had to try the lap dancing clubs. Or should i say club. Very expensive place. But worth it i think. Taboo- it is called. Lots of beautiful Latvian girls and a few Polish girls. In fact this is more than a lap dancing club. Try the place and let me know how you get on guys? :))

kocham polska from United States Reply Jul 4th, 2012

Just back from krakow after a stag party weekend. I have to say what an amazing place. The beers and restaurants were reasonably priced. But at night we had to try the lap dancing clubs. Or should i say club. Very expensive place. But worth it i think. Lots of beautiful Latvian girls and a few Polish girls. In fact this is more than a lap dancing club. Try the place and let me know how you get on guys? :))

Luca from United States Reply Apr 8th, 2012

HARD CANDY does not go all in the same way attended frantic, in the center, unlike other local krakow menu provides for a cocktail normal 350zloty a huge sum compared to the usual 25 zloty a drink. in my case me and my friend we were approached in a totally causal 2 girls and we moved with them in this place, after that on their advice we order a drink (without wading through the menu used to the low cost of the drinks) we find an account (no receipt ovviammete) of 1000 zloty and with no way out we were forced to pay a thousand adventures to find the money. stay away from hard candy!! THIEVES SCAMMERS THE POLICE DOES NOT ALLOW ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!!

cristophe from France Reply Mar 28th, 2012

Avoid certain nightclubs and bars in Krakow. Especially HARD CANDY music bar. It's a front for illegal activities, prostitution, narcotics and most common overcharging bills or credit cards. I went there for 2 drinks and they did not give me a receipt. They charged 240 euro! The local authorities in Krakow do not care about the tourists and will do little if you report Hard Candy. it's been open for years and they all know about it. There are likely other bars that scam you like this in Krakow and the local police seem to take a cut.

abraham from United States Reply Mar 18th, 2012

if you do not want to spend lots of money i would avoid the lapdancing bars. There is plenty of pubs and clubs. If you do go to lapdancing go to Flames which is on florianski st. If it is still open. Quite expensive but if you go as a stag party then you can have a pint and the odd dance. You will feel stronger going with a group. Also try Roosters restaurant not far from the rynek glowny.Let me know how you get on??

stephen from United Kingdom Reply Mar 18th, 2012

nice guide going there on the 29 of this month stag do?! ;)

Johnny T. from United Kingdom Reply Feb 19th, 2012

Diamond the best Stripclub.Love this place, I always come here when I have a day off and want to have a good time.The lap dances are GREAT! I just think Diamond Stripclub is the best one I've been to..

chloe from United Kingdom Reply Feb 16th, 2012

hi everyone:) i come to krakow in april just wondered what the nightlife is like there?also me and my sister(shes 26) and me(17 and 18 in october)will i get in or be asked for ID thanks everyone:)xoxoxo

Pete from United Kingdom Reply Feb 13th, 2012

mark - get a life

mark from United Kingdom Reply Feb 13th, 2012

i am late 30's and want know the best place to pull women intersted in black guys

Ana from Romania Reply Jan 5th, 2012

Hello. I am 17, can someone recommend a club with people my age, pls. Thks

Mike B from United States Reply Nov 21st, 2011

rock and roll baby! Awesome city!

brian from United States Reply Oct 21st, 2011

If you have been scammed by HARD CANDY or other 'businesses' then email complaints to Polish authorities: AND,

Adriano from Italy Reply Oct 12th, 2011

what about minimal techno?? are there some clubs where techno is played???

christophe from France Reply Sep 19th, 2011

Nice article bur needs to be updated, Midgard and Fusion no longer exist... New rising club in Town is DIVA, nice women, affordable price, good Djs

Matt from United Kingdom Reply Sep 16th, 2011

Of to Krakow in 3 weeks, whats the best clubs to go to, I keep reading that there are so many but surley people must have there Favourites?

from United States Reply Aug 14th, 2011

hi, everywhere around the stare miasto "old square" is magic. As far as scams go i have never been scammed. Not even nearly. Though i have read some stuff on here that people have been scammed. So if it seems to good to be true. probably a scam. like hot women approaching you and wanting to go for a drink. lap dancing clubs are very expensive in krakow. read below.

Scott from United Kingdom Reply Aug 13th, 2011

Alright Folks!! Im heading over to Krakow in the near future and can anyone advise me on good bars/clubs and what scams to watch ie strip clubs, scammers on the street. Ive heard mixed opinions about Krakow so knowing this info will help me enjoy the weekend. Cheers :)

bhiggy from United States Reply Aug 7th, 2011

Regarding Flames in Krakow. Prices are up. Minimum for a dance is 300 pln. Half hour after that is 600 pln. Girls are familiar with NY / London pricing, if you were looking to pay less go elsewhere.

from United Kingdom Reply Aug 1st, 2011

Beautiful city, beautiful people & a cracking time to be had if u show a bit respect to the locals. Highly recommend!!

from United Kingdom Reply Jun 29th, 2011

Krakow is great, went to Auswich first day,spent next 2 days pissed out of our heads, got scammed, as we always do when approached by latvian girls, into club,1 drink cost expensive, was pissed so dont remember exact, local girls are all lovely, we counted 5 females who were ugly from around 10,000 we leered at. Are there any fat ugly polish girls, i dont think so

Marcos from United States Reply May 11th, 2011

Krakow has been good so far, pubs a bit sparse for the early hours, clubs in the old town hopping at night. I did have two Polish (I think Russian really) try to scam me. They approached me at the main square, said they were from out of town and were looking for the main street with bars. They had a map with them and pointed to a street and asked if i would join them for a drink. Too good to be true is right, they worked it good but before I went downstairs to some bar they picked, I realized it was a scam and told them to piss off. Saw them later at the same corner trying to scam again. This was just last night, they are one brunnette and one blonde. Very attractive, said they were from Warsaw. Watch out. Otherwise the girls have been shy, but really nice once you talk to them. Beautiful too!

Aberdeen Lads from United Kingdom Reply May 5th, 2011

Hey, just got back from Krakow, cracking 5 days, not scammed once, we had a great guide and went to Diva,Shakers,Prozak,Baccarat and Kitsch. These clubs were all between 7 - 12 PLN for a beer. champion city, Great folk, just be switched on and polite.

Allen from United States Reply Apr 17th, 2011

I arrived Krakow on April 17, 2011 and my first night was disappointing, I heard alot of bad news about the city but I did't belive it. Unfortunatlly; it looks true that the city in the night is not secure enough for the tourist.

chris from United States Reply Apr 2nd, 2011

The reviewer has a weird idea of English bar hours!!!!!! Most London pubs and bars in the centre open beyond 1am - and 1000s are open 24 hours!!! :-) Many bars/clubs in London don't even open until 2am!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Mags from United Kingdom Reply Mar 10th, 2011

Alright everyone. Iv seen a few review's of people asking places to go etc. me and my mates are coming 8th April for a weekend Stag Do, 23 of us to be exact. Im in the navy so iv been around the block with ref to scam's etc, sounds like its rife out there. Would just like some info on places to avoid rather than places to go as there seems to be the good drinking hole's a plenty. Looking forward to a cracking weekend and a trouble and scam free time. Any comments will be appreciated.

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Nov 25th, 2010

Like all major cities you have to be careful - there are always those that wish to explore the ignorant. Use common sense, act with common courtesy and you'll be fine. Yes, there are one or two scams - where is there not? Having been to Krakow, Prague, Riga, Barcelona, Madrid, Ayia Napa & Stockholm in the last few years I've heard the same horror stories at all... Yet not seen or experienced any for myself. Lot's to do and see, many bars and clubs - you won't struggle finding a good time. Treat people with respect, you'll get it back. Be warned though, the Polish (initially) don't seem friendly, a bit of effort get's you a long way. :0)

euan2020 from United Kingdom Reply Nov 16th, 2010

I'm now walking round Krakow not wishing to speak to anyone because i expect to receive the same crap. Each time speaking to someone you are questioning if they are trying to feck you over. Authorities really need to crack down on this unscrupulous behaviour. Anyway - fight the fight - might see the same feckers tonight

Mark B from Poland Reply Nov 16th, 2010

euan2020 - sorry to hear about your bad experience. We've been trying to advise people to avoid this scam, and the Hard Candy scam is also mentioned in the Krakow Post newspaper website. Don't let it put you off recommending Krakow to your friends. I've lived here for almost 10 years, and it is a great place, Hard Candy being the exception rather than the rule....

euan2020 from United Kingdom Reply Nov 16th, 2010

also avoid Martini Bar - this is the same rubbish chris below - you are a donkey and a troll

euan2020 from United Kingdom Reply Nov 16th, 2010

1st night last night in Krakow Really disappointed that local legislation allows this to happen 110 euro's for 4 drinks - spoke to 3 girls on st which is not unusual - looked like students on vacation from warsaw. 10 minutes later Hard Candy bar and charged 110 euro's I hear some other guys say should ask for menu - never done this in any bar in around 30/40 cities so why should be necessary ? Really just theft Allowing this to happen really gives a bad impression of Krakow and will be reflected when recommend to friends in future where to visit.

James from United States Reply Oct 7th, 2010

Nice review, however I've been here 4 days and haven't experienced the full Krakow thrill.

Babod from Ireland Reply Sep 29th, 2010

My sister and I travelled to Krakow for 5 days...we decided to go out on the town one of the nights,being Irish of course we tried the Irish bar and it was SO boring,we found a celler bar called "the rock bar" i think,a passer by wouldn't even realize there was a bar there but it was brilliant! had a really good night,rock and gothic is our thing anyway but this place was cool,beer was cheap (and strong!!),people were really nice and a great night was had....not to great the next day though,sick heads all round but it was worth it! This bar is just off the main square under an arch..thats about all i can remember but it was excellent! if your lucky enough to find it that is....

joe from Ukraine Reply Sep 25th, 2010

Where can I buy decent grass in Krakow?

johnny from United Kingdom Reply Sep 10th, 2010

hi guys iam thinking of comeing over very soon can enyone tell me a good place to be ?....thanx .johnny

Vincent from Belgium Reply Sep 9th, 2010

hey all, we are going to krakow from the 26th till the 30th of september. anyone recommend a descent party(ies) during those days? :)

pietro from Italy Reply Aug 31st, 2010

Hi guys, I'll go to Krakow next week end, what do you suggest about bars and disco to have a great time? I like electronic music :)

Rishi from Malta Reply Aug 25th, 2010

guys what bars/cubs, do you recommend us going to, We heard Prozak is great. Where can we find great atmosphere and cheap drinks :)

Alessandro from Chile Reply Aug 20th, 2010

Hard Candy Music Bar Krakow IS NOT a normal bar but a nest of robbery. Local authorities have to dismantle this damned place and to close it directly. Me and my girlfriend were scammed for 950 PLN ... Not funny, beat the personell if nothing helps. in name of all the misleaded customers, will be hundreds of victims each month

Gino from Italy Reply Aug 19th, 2010

We were scammed at HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR KRAKOW. Damned bad place!! Be aware of this criminal bar. I lost 700 Polish lotty for 3 normal drinks.

Chris from United States Reply Aug 19th, 2010

GIRLS ARE NOT HOOKERS ..... and its a lie when you people say its a robbery in some bar mojto cost 20 zl in baroque cost 80 in Hard candy probably 300 YOUR DUTY IS TO CHECK THE PRICE BEFORE U ORDER.... wether u check the menu or not you have to pay for order.... and another thing which is funny YOU SAY hookers .... there is my question you small boys: did anyone of you have FU**ED there ?? i dont think sooo ... you just got used to that eatern europe is cheap .... STOP CRYING and grow up.... you went with girlswith an idea "i got so freaking lucky. maybe ill shag tonight i willpay her a beer for 5 zl" haha and in he end you first got screwed..... BE A MAN and don't embarrass urselfs

Don from United States Reply Aug 19th, 2010

Krakow is great for single male travelers - just stay away from ANY female wanting you to go to Hard Candy Music Club! They will rip you off bad if you give them the chance.

mark from United Kingdom Reply Aug 17th, 2010

Is this place cool for single male travellers? ?

Kris M from United Kingdom Reply Aug 14th, 2010

Thinking of going in October, definitely gonna a weekend of sinking putts and banging sluts

pjotr nasreska from Russia Reply Aug 13th, 2010

Avoid HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR in KRAKOW. It's a scam!!! Unfortunately I lost money in that bar too. 850 Polish zLotty... For three beers. It's crazy. What a thieves.

Lee from United Kingdom Reply Aug 13th, 2010

Just thought i would add my review as im going back in just over a week for 5 nights. 5 of us went last september for 3 nights. WHAT A PLACE. 22 degrees sunshine everyday. we stayed in a 10 person apartment that cost us about 60 quid each and was immense. Generally throughout the day we sat in the sun on the square drinking beer. i prefferred the zweic to the tyskie as an all day session on tyskie would endanger your life. On the first night i asked a barman where the best places to go where, He looked at me as though i had an extra head and replied "WHAT there is over 500 hundred bars" RESULT. Anyways we went to a club called Prozac which was awsome, just off the main square, however i think it may be gay night on a sunday because we went back on the sunday and the bouncers wernt wearing shoes or socks and there was salsa dancing classes on the go!!. Generally prices where cheap. about 1-50 for a beer and 2 for a vodka-kick, which is basically a vodka cherry mixer. Cannot wait to go back!!

bjorn from Denmark Reply Aug 12th, 2010

Avoid HARD CANDY MUSIC BAR KRAKOW This bar personell has stolen my pickpocket with 1550 Zlotty cash for five regular small beers . Criminals!

Dennis from Netherlands Reply Aug 9th, 2010

Krakou: Guys, BE AWARE FOR RUSSIAN/POLISH GIRLS (HOOKERS), who seems to be interested to go out with you. These girls will bring you to places like HARD CANDY CLUB in Krakow. They will order drinks and you have to pay a lot of money for i.e. 4 drinks we had to pay 380 Zloty (+- 85 euro's). We got angry and left Hard Candy. NEVER VISIT HARD CANDY CLUB KRAKOW. BE AWARE FOR NICE LOOKING GIRLS WHO WILL BRING YOU TO THIS CLUB AND LET YOU PAY THE BILLS.

Richard Jones from United Kingdom Reply Aug 9th, 2010

Tourists never have to go to the Hard Candy Music Bar in Krakow. Avoid that disgusting place!! They let you pay 10x up to 15x as much for drinks and cocktails as is usual in regarding to other bars in Cracow. They don't give you a clear receipt with normal prices but they ripp off what they can! This bar lets girls introduce tourists to this bar after each drink you have to pay.. more and more.. Abnormal and crazy. A bad asocial image for Krakow city. I had to pay around 80 ZLotty for just a normal beer...

Rob Smith from United States Reply Aug 3rd, 2010

Greetings from the windy city! Last winter I was in Krakow on business and visited Rece i Nogi on a Saturday evening. On that day they were playing favorites from the 70 and 80's. PERFECT for this 40 something. Any Krakovians or Krakow fans could point to clubs that play the oldies (dance music). I had such a good time during my last visit that this time, I will stay be Krakow two extra nights (Thursday and Friday evenings) to enjoy end of the week fun. The nice things about Rece I Nogi: The atmosphere (loved the cavern set up), the people's vibe (nice down to earth friendly people having wholesome fun without the aggresive attitude that you sometimes find in many clubs). If not Rece I Nogi, please point to the right places. Need two good ones. Dziekuje! BTW I will be in Krakow in early September, and very much looking forward to be in this great city again. Dziekuje!

Marcin from Poland Reply Jul 29th, 2010

Hard Candy Club is a SCAM! Stay away from that place!

Dave from United States Reply Jul 29th, 2010

Don't go to Hard Candy Club on ul. Szewska in Krakow. They will rip you off on drink prices and there is no action there anyway. Bad place.

richard from United Kingdom Reply Jul 27th, 2010

coming to krakow on thursday 5th aug 10 for 3 nights, im looking for good times, cheap drinks n lots of girls !!! Help me find them, anyone can help let me know....

Kristian from United Kingdom Reply Jul 14th, 2010

Right people of Krakow, there are going to be 5 of us arriving this Friday for a stag so can anyone let us know where to go and where not to go.

Paul from Birmingham from United Kingdom Reply Jul 3rd, 2010

Went to Krakow with 3 mates from Monday to Wednesday because the flights were £50 return with ryanair. Hotel was £15 per night each. Exactly, £80 altogether, cheap enit. We met some blokes over there who thought theyd got a bargain at £230 for flights and hotel with a swimming pool, fucking idiots, who wants to go for a swim in krakow, dont book through a travel company! Havnt you learnt they rip you off like fuck. Book it yourself! Our hotel was about a 20 minute walk from the main square. £2 in a taxi if your a fat lazy cunt like beeston. Its called Hotel Delta. The staff mostly girls, they are propa friendly and fit. Make sure you keep one of the hotels cards in your wallet though because its a nigtmare trying to explain to the fucking thick taxi drivers when your pissed. Apparently its a new hotel and the taxis drivers dont know where it is. Dont worry if you dont go on the weekend, the week nights are booming. Cant remember the names of any bars. It dont matter though. Just walk down the little allys, at first you think where the fuck are we going and then you go down a few more steps and then round a bend and then a few more steps and then your in the middle of a mint club with fit birds everywhere dancing to queen. Sometimes its the complete opposite though and you will find some dirty old polish tramp sitting their smoking a cigar giving you evil stares, just turn around and walk out and try the next one. Nobody will grab you and force you to buy a drink. We were paying on average 7 snotis for a beer which works out about £1.50. The beer is nice and strong but sometimes flat. You can have propa nice meals for less than £5. Jenqueer means thankyou. Say it everytime you get served. The waitress will give you a sexy smile and say your welcome in polish, it gives you an instant boner. We didnt get to go to auchwitz which was our main intention. Our mate got ran over on the first night and dislocated his shoulder, lmao, he was ok though, be careful on the roads, they dont stop at zebra crossings

hungover from United Kingdom Reply Jun 22nd, 2010

just back from a stag do in krackow. had an awesome time and spent an absolute fortune. mostly in flames bar tho, birds in there were much better than other strip clubs we went to. dances were a bit dear 150z but you get plenty for that. double it, 300z, and you'll get a longer dance with a happy ending. treble it, 450z, and you get to have your way with most of the dancers for half an hour. and it'l cost you 1000z to take the stripper home. every dance has been sampled and highly recommended

alex from United Kingdom Reply Jun 14th, 2010

any rock/ alternative sort of bar/ club? thanks or event... shop etc... :) thanks im going there (sadly not at the week end) 21, 22, 23 of june

DJ Chew from United States Reply Jun 14th, 2010

I will be in Krakow on 19th this month, i am a Polish born DJ/Producer that would love to play at the local club. I DJ for over 15 years (CANADA, USA, MEXICO) and i play from jazzy funky house to hard techno with tribal sounds. All i need is a dance floor. I am in Krakow from JUNE 19 to JULY 13. If you know a club that will welcome me, please send info. Its all about the music.....NO $$

Kristian from United Kingdom Reply Jun 4th, 2010

Maria you are funny man!

Maria from Norway Reply Jun 1st, 2010

Ok You FARMERS .... those girls are not from mafia .... if u use ur brain not lil man in ur pants u wouldnt go there u really think the girls like them would look at you drunk, stinky with puks on ur shirts DISGUSTING the only on reason is that its great deal to scam this kind of idiot once a while ...... get lost learn: stop looking for girls or learn to be a responsible man and check menu besides i know guys that spent over 10,000 euros and not complaining .... and to be clear they are NOT PROSTITUTeS as a matter of fact its impossible to kiss them/// you are the only one here that are looking for sex ciao u pervs

Rage from France Reply May 29th, 2010

be aware Krakow girls, we'll be there on friday, I willbe sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood

dan from United States Reply May 26th, 2010

kristian: not if you're not blitzed out of your mind. these girls are mostly working for mafiosos from latvia/estonia who open a bar, get a few gringos in, trap them with high prices and then close up shop, best to be with some mates and ask yourself, "am i really that awesome that these babes want to party with me right now at 2 am after meeting me in the middle of the freakin' street." Answer should be obvious.

Glen Quagmire from United Kingdom Reply May 25th, 2010

Just back from a 4 day stag do. Sunday the bars were very quiet. Friday / Saturday were awesome. AVOID BEING ENTICED TO HARD CANDY on Szewska near McDonalds, I was played by an Estonia (blonde mullett) & Georgian girl (big round head). Fair play to them. 3 drinks 400Zlty! Diggity diggity alright!

Jolly Rog WELSH from United Kingdom Reply May 24th, 2010

Krakow - been there, done it, fantastic place! really enjoyed, great place but boy am I suffering now... really enjoyed the bars, clubs and mostly the food. Would defiantly visit this place again in the future. Nice one Poland!!!!

Jolly Rog from United Kingdom Reply May 20th, 2010

I've jumped on a stag party last minute - destination - KRAKOW! Well i'll give it a bash and tell you all about it when I get back - that is..?! if I do come back ha

Max from United States Reply May 19th, 2010

My 3 buddies and I will be in Krakow in July 2010. Any tips for clubs to hang out and places to visit?

Kristian from United Kingdom Reply May 19th, 2010

Bloody hell so is it quite rough in places there in terms of the mafia?

answer from Poland Reply May 19th, 2010

Hi, Kristian. If you're group is into that sort of thing then you'll find the challenge is likely to be not getting kicked out of the proper strip clubs. The pseudo-mafia strippers will probably let you do anything you want but you better be ready to back it up with tons of cash. Polish girls play very hard to get in the regular dance clubs, easy to talk with and dance, but I doubt any of you will get very far unless you're here for a few weeks or more.

Kristian from United Kingdom Reply May 17th, 2010

A few of us guys are going over in a couple of months, I want to know is it easy to get laid as the group is multicultural and also do the strip clubs do extras?

bearrah from Ireland Reply May 15th, 2010

heading over to krakow in august and by your website it looks fantastic! just wondering how strict casual drug use is with police?

kath from United Kingdom Reply May 11th, 2010

booked a trip to krakow in june could anyone tell me is there any good rock pubs/clubs? thanks......

priyadarshi from United States Reply Apr 24th, 2010

hey guys.. i was in cracov this april and loved the city.i went to torun,warsaw and cracov.this was my first visit to poland,i plan to visit again in july.kinda expensive for me to visit from united states but when u love travelling , u got to do it.i didnt go to any club , but i visited some amazing churches and saw butiful buildings of 13 century.poland is one of the most beautiful country in europe.and poles r very ncie it.. :)

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Mar 31st, 2010

Cool - Cracow's nightlife looks rockin. Lookin forward to hittin up some clubs!!

djflex from Netherlands Reply Mar 30th, 2010

hi am a dj from holland, and i play urban music.n i am planning to visit crakov next month. n i wud luv to play in a club for free during my visit.

Michael from Italy Reply Mar 25th, 2010

Can anyone suggest to me the most beautiful clubs to dance?I guess they should be in the city center,shouldn't they??I'll probably go to Cracow next month. Thanks a lot!!

Cymru am byth from United Kingdom Reply Mar 12th, 2010

Am going for 3 days 1st-4th April and I cannot wait! Have been to Wroclaw before and it was amazing, am expecting the same warm welcome from the locals of Krakow! Any recommendations on where a small gang of well behaved 25ish year old ;-) lads can go??? Good times.......

Walt101 from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2010

Right listen up lads just come back from a three day break. Cracow is a great place but not so cheap, mind you we didn't hold back! Couple of places to try, best pub out of many we visited Irish Bar on SW.JANA just off main sq. Club CIEN also on same street, and if your feeling flush there's The FLAME BAR on Florianska next st along girls are great, nice little latvian chick!! Word of caution we were aproached by a couple of girls late in the evening and went for a drink with them we ordered four drinks in this empty little bar and the waitress came over asking for 400 zloty £100!!!! All in all a great few days just be carefull when your pissed.

Tyskie specialist from United Kingdom Reply Mar 8th, 2010

AMAZING!!! the beer is strong, the clubs, pubs and bars very underground - like caves! Not 1 bad night... Top Tip - make your contacts and chat with the locals, when we arrived we were approached by a driver, we excepted his deal and after chatting with him and he organised everything for us - football match, shooting range, trip to Auschwitz all for very cheap!

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