Goraczka Freak Club

Goraczka Freak Club
ul. Szewska 7

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Editor's review

Szewska Street, (the cobblers street) is a buzzing stretch of the Old Town that's a trusted choice amongst young musketeers in search of fair damsels and a few flagons of ale. It's a party place, and Goraczka ('Fever') is the latest to join the ranks of Szewska's hedonistic hangouts. Pop, rock, soul, R n B and more will be keeping the sound system pumping and the crowds heaving. Doors open at five every day, with music kicking off at 8.30. Cracow Craziness.

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Oszustwo na całego, dziewczyny dosypują do drinków narkotyki. Po czym człowiek wychodzi bez kasy w portfelu jak i na koncie…

Reply May 9th, 2022
New Zealand

dziewczyny kt9re tam pracujá to złodziejki . okradziono mnie tam na ,439 euro . Tym lokalem powinna sie zainteresowac policja

Reply Apr 6th, 2022

Avoid this place! They will drug you and steal your money

Reply Feb 28th, 2022

Avoid this place, they will try to make You drunk giving You free shots of vodka, my friend lost 400 euro becouse he dont remember anthing after one shot of vodka (probably they added something to the free shots).

Choose other club or better dont go to any becouse it looks very similiar in Cracow at the moment.

Reply Jan 23rd, 2022

I lost 430 euro for 2 min of dancing. They got me drunk, took my card.. They wanted me to pay 1000 eur more, threatening me and physically holding me. But luckily I managed to run away. Avoid this place and all cost. If you were unlucky to visit, report them to the police!

Reply Dec 23rd, 2021

Dokładnie jest tak jak piszą, okradają, dziewczyny na siłę biorą za kotarę, poją alkoholem, a po chwili przychodzi babka z terminalem i karze płacić.

Reply Dec 19th, 2021

SCAM! Don't go there. The amount to pay was 190 while they charged me 2000 PLN. They didn't want to show me the terminal. I informed police about the scam and waiting.

Reply Nov 24th, 2021

Lost 5000 euros inside this club. Please go to another club. Don't go to stripclubs in Krakow. They all steal your money. People here are animals.

Reply Nov 17th, 2021

STAY AWAY! All the other reviews are fake. This club is only open to steal your money. When you pay your drinks they film your pincode. Later you will lose thousands of euros.

Reply Nov 17th, 2021

Biggest scamm ever. DON'T GO INSIDE! They give you drugs and steal your money. Even girls are not save here. They tell your friends that you already left the club but they abuse you, burn your skin and steal your money

Reply Nov 17th, 2021
Leon Goretzka

I had a good time in Goraczka! A girl was dancing for me and was really really nice. After a few minutes she gave me a vodka shot and later a few cherry vodka shots. I was getting really drunk haha. It only cost me like 50 slottie for good company and even better drinks!

Later she wanted to dance for me in a place that was more private. I liked that a lot, because she was very hot! She was dancing and I could touch her, no problem at all. She did that for like 30 minutes for free. Good!

And after that she still wanted to dance for me! For like 250 slottie. Why not, I thought. That was really good. I had a great time for a few slotties haha.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021
Roy Grunski

Krakow. nice town with nice strip clubs. but this club was the best of all. In this club you get free lap dance. because my friend paid for it for me. bit expensive for him cheap for me! thank you vera for this great evening!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021
Jan Brunski

I have had a very good time. I liked the beer and the shots!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

I really liked the Cherry Vodka shots in Goraczka! I think everyone should try one. If you have had one, you probably want to have another two or three!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

The drinks were a bit expensive, but everything else is fine here! Just go when it's happy hour, then the drinks will be less expensive. They have very nice girls over there and would recommend it to anyone to have the same experience as I have had!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

Hi Mutskeel! That's good! Then I will go tonight. Thank you for your very quick reply. I will let you know if I will have the same experience as you!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

Hi Michael & Mutskeel. I would recommend this place, aswel. I went here like 5 times in my trip. I went to Krakow for a whole month and I had a great time!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

Hey guys! It's very good!

Reply Nov 16th, 2021
Not good

A guy on the street was asking if I'm good. I said I was good, you good too? He was good too. He asked me to come inside of this gentleman's club. There were a lot of girls asking how I was doing. I said I was good, you good? They were all very good.

Later they asked if I wanted a private dance. Only if that was good. It was good. They scammed me over there, which was not good. I lost 7.500 euros and that's no good

Reply Nov 16th, 2021
Jan Ordyzinski

I've been there on the 13th of november aswel. It was my birthday and my friends wanted to give me a good time. While being there, a really friendly Columbian girl was talking to me, Maria.

She probably wanted to drug me, but I have had too much cocaine, so I did not blacked out. They did scam me for about 300 euros, though. I do hope Maria is fine and she will quit here job when she is graduated.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

sounds like a fun evening Jan! i was there also the 13th november we just wanted to throw a party for our friend who had his birthday that night! it turned out that one of the dancers also had a birthday that evening. what a coincidence! she then scammed our other friend Vera Roots out of 3000€ as a birthday present! but we had a really nice evening.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

Hey Jan and Bruun, I was there on 14th november. I got drugged there too! Later that evening two guys from the Netherlands were making fun of me. And I even fought with one of them. I tried to kick him and he got my leg and I fell. I hurts very much. They were playing a very annoying song all the time. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport - sang by Rolf Harris.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021
Counter boy

Hi Jan,

I have had the same experience with Maria. Don’t you want to know who she really is?

Reply May 7th, 2022
Vera Roots (pseudo)

I've been there on the 13th of november and got drugged and had to pay €3000. Was it worth it, of course not. Because I can't remember a single minute of that night. Now I'm trying to file a Police report in my own country and hopefully get my money back. Or some of it.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

hi did you succeed did they return the money to you in the end or not? it also happened to me yesterday so I'm going to the police so I'm wondering if it makes any sense and if I'll get my money back

Reply May 15th, 2022

Did someone discover what they give you? I've been drugged and robbed some days ago and I still don't feel 100%

Reply Nov 11th, 2021

I’ve had the same. Please contact

me rosannederland@gmail.com. I think they gave us ghb.

Reply Nov 11th, 2021

Hell NO, scammed and will knock you out with drugs when they offer you drinks!! If you love your life, stay as far from here as possible!

Reply Oct 23rd, 2021

Hee Simone, ik weet niet of je Nederlands spreekt maar daar ben ik van uitgegaan. Zou je misschien contact met mij op kunnen nemen? Ik zou graag jouw verhaal willen horen. Mijn mailadres is rosannederland@gmail.com. Alvast bedankt!

Reply Oct 25th, 2021

They will scamm you and drug you out. They steal your money. Please let me know if you want to have contact with me about this.

Reply Oct 23rd, 2021

Never go here! You get scammed. I paid 5.000 euro for nothing

Reply Oct 22nd, 2021

Hi Erik. That is not good, but it wasn't for nothing, right? I think you have learned a very valuable, expensive lesson. Do never go to a Polish stripclub again.

Reply Nov 16th, 2021

nic nie pić tam - kradną przy pomocy chemii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply Oct 6th, 2021

okradają, oszukują, dodają coś do podawanych alkoholi. Znajomego zrobili na 8 tys. zł. Omijać szerokim łukiem !!!

Reply Oct 6th, 2021

Miejsce, w którym okrada się ludzi. Dodają narkotyki do drinków i kradną karty płatnicze. Poprzez monitoring widzą wpisywany pin. Omijać szerokim łukiem a naganiaczki wyzywać i przeganiać

Reply Aug 15th, 2021

Do not visit that club if you want to keep your money and stay healthy!

Reply Aug 9th, 2021

Extremely criminal place, you'll get drugged and robbed - do not go here, save yourself, save your money, and potentially save your life!

Reply Aug 9th, 2021

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!! Me and a friend were there on Thursday night 31/01/20. Had a couple of drinks and blacked out due to I believe the drinks being spiked. Next thing I know I’m in a room with one of the girls working there. I’m a gay man and have never been with a woman in my life so this is really out of character for me and I would not have consciously made that decision to go for a private dance with a female stripper had I been of sound mind and not spiked with what would appear to be GHB. When I wake up the next day in my hotel I have next to no memory of the night before and this ‘club’ has taken two payments off my card totalling £620, some of which was meant to be for rent money. I did not give permission for this. They are CON ARTISTS conducting the above illegal activity. Polish police were no help as they couldn’t file my report without a translator. I’ve contacted my bank and they can’t give me a timescale for a dispute resolution, let alone if a I’ll ever get my stolen money back. So I’m now on the verge of being homeless after this vile violation of my finances. Will never return to Poland.

Reply Feb 1st, 2020

Mate If you will to fill a Group case against the club and the bitch thieves i will do something about it same thing happened to me and my mate this saturday 8th. of august 2020 my solicitor is from Krakow I will do definitively something about it but now collecting people for a Group case against them to Claim damages Kind Regards Marek

Reply Aug 10th, 2020

You still want this? I was robbed here yesterday

Reply Oct 22nd, 2021

Awful place. They called me a retard because I didn’t want to buy the girl and drink for 350 zloty. They then took my phone to see how much money I had in my account and told me I can afford to buy her one drink. I said absolutely not. She then called me a c***.

Reply Jan 19th, 2020
Andreas N.

Warning!!!! They put drugs in my drink and stole my credit Card and all my Money! They have an manipulated Visa Cash Automat inside the Bar. Don´t go there!

Reply Jul 8th, 2019

Make sure to file a police report even if its in your own country!

Reply Jul 8th, 2019

Police cant do anything back on UK - not their problem.

Bank will tell you to fuck off - get copies all calls, log/write down everything you do. Actually dont speak to them on phone, get it in writing.

Reply Dec 21st, 2019

Warning! Don't ever go to this place. They will give you drinks with drugs in it and while you are completely losing consciousness they will make sure to take all the money they can get from your card(s). If it does happen to you, make sure to raise a police report.

Reply Jul 1st, 2019

Hoi Dennis, wanneer ben jij hier geweest? Ze hebben mij gister te pakken gehad.

Reply Oct 22nd, 2021
Mathias Mayer

Dont go there. They put drugs / narcotic into your drinks and steal all you money thats availaible in cash and on your cards! Just dont go there!

Reply Jun 30th, 2019
Fuck Klub Gorączka!

Once inside, they give you cost-free red shots with some drugs in it for sure, we drank 2 or 3 and we started to feel strange. They are very interested in making you drink these shots, bringing them seamlessly. Later on, girls invite you to a private room "just for a surprise", once inside other girls come in and "kindly" ask you to pay a tip for the girl, saying a random amount to pay. Very dangerous act, as you are like a zombie after those drugs they give you.

Police should shut this shithole down. I want to think no bribery and favours happen around this business and Police...

Reply Jun 6th, 2019
Markus Müller

Dangerous place where you get ripped off your all money , especially if you have a credit card. They give you a free drink with drugs (it makes you helpless and unable to remember anything) and steal all your money and take your credit card and take all the money they can get from it. Stay away from there!!!!

Reply Apr 27th, 2019

Worst stripclub ive ever beem to. Pls do never come anywhere near this place. I got husstled for 200 euro. Whatever you do, please for your own sake. Dont go here! All they do is try to rob you.

Reply Apr 13th, 2019

No longer music venue, its a nice looking bar with strippers - you will be drugged and robbed of all your money on your bank cards. Horrible place. Police dont really care as these places must be taking in £100K a night.... neither does your UK bank.

Reply Mar 7th, 2019

Just got robbed of €250 last night, did you get any help from the police or your bank?

Reply Nov 4th, 2019


Police are not bothered, probably scared or paid off.

UK bank dont care, even if on credit card.

When you complain bank, get copies of all your phone calls on cd, write everything down. They do everything to get rid of you.

Reply Dec 21st, 2019

club is closed pernamently. Now there is nightclub and stuff clean credit cards when you pay.

Reply Dec 23rd, 2018
United Kingdom

Great place music iscgood. Atmospheres is great. With the exception of one occasion ( doormen didnt take too kindly to being offered a drink for new year and got pepper sprayed ) ivhave always had a great night. Trying not to let one bad night spoil all the good ones.

Reply Feb 4th, 2015
United Kingdom

Racist , aggressive , violent door staff , nothing but fights and police here every night whilst I was in Poland ! Avoid avoid , avoid !!!

Reply Jul 2nd, 2014
United Kingdom

Sweaty cess pit dive ! The doormen are awful , rude especially the main one with a big fat head who speaks no english and has no neck! what a lemon!

Reply Jul 2nd, 2014
United Kingdom

Rubbish Club. Poor staff and awful door men ,avoid

Reply Jul 1st, 2014
United States

The club is decent . The door staff are horrible . Went there Saturday and the big fat bouncer , giving me grief for no reason. . Calling me a jew prick and then 'nigger lover' ! Rude and aggressive and don't speak English other than insults and have no understanding of basic politeness ! I'm a customer you big bald

Fat dumb polish twat!

Reply Jun 30th, 2014
United Kingdom

Terrible bouncers .

Attacked after being refused entry for no apparent reason . Avoid this place . Raised a police report . Racist bouncers !

Reply Jun 30th, 2014

hey, last friday night, i met a one guy from Scotland in Goraczka Club in Cracow. He was with some friends and they stayed in Cracow from thursday till sunday. Heres their photo: http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/576545_597574360272498_1648391086_n.jpg If somoene know them, ill be gratefull. Greetings

Reply Mar 24th, 2013

You can check me

Whatsap +393391951634

Reply Oct 25th, 2018
United Kingdom

Boring and mediocre, music lame, drinks nothing to write home about. Racist management and bouncers who threatened to take my girlfriend to the woods and ....!! Haven't felt that unwelcome since trying to gate crash a Klan gathering.

Reply Mar 5th, 2013
United Kingdom

Superb club, staff, customers very friendly to me and my friends. Prices also very good, highly recommend this club.

Reply Feb 6th, 2013

great music, it´s a good place for meeting people

Reply Jul 20th, 2011

nice place to meet people, have fun!

Reply Jun 25th, 2011

Great club, great music and great girls;) grtz luigi

Reply Nov 2nd, 2010

met a nice Finn guy on 30th December, but I gave the wrong e-mail adress (alcohol :/). if ya see this, contact me :*

Reply Jan 3rd, 2010

its really perfect

just outstanding and amazing atmosphear and music ...........

i love this club my favourite

Reply Jun 14th, 2009

Really good club, will b back one day, great music and cosy atmosphere..met a cool girl called kasia a few weeks ago here(small brunette, makeup artist)..look me up if u read this

Reply Apr 6th, 2009
Tuttti frutti

Can somebody tell me how i can find diana ?

Reply Nov 27th, 2008

Great club and very cool interior, met a guy named Andrea from Milan on 19.10.08 with "I am an angel" tattoo - I gave out the wrong phone number, anyone know how can I find him???

Reply Oct 22nd, 2008
United Kingdom

I have visted krakow a few times now and this place is the best club to hang out.. Fantastic music,top bar and door staff...

Reply Oct 21st, 2007
United Kingdom

this place is the best kept secret in Krakow.fantastic crowd.good music..top draw.

Reply May 27th, 2007
chukwujekwu chidozie

Hello sir

am chukwujekwu chidozie i will like to play for your club i have played for some club here in nigeria but i want to be a real footballer i want to make it in life a sure that i a good and i have a lot to give so pls i want you to tell me what i will do to make it to u club

Reply Feb 3rd, 2007

The MAGNIFICENT SEVEN are arriving!!!on 7 December!!!Seven superb, beautiful, magnetic, sensual, latin, well equipped gunners boys:-)we love this club, we love you polish girls!!!

Reply Nov 5th, 2006

was in the club last weekend for a bit of r an r .it started off quite slow but when it got going i got my hands in the air like i just dont care ,i meta really cute guy at the urinals and said did i want any ketemein and that it would blow my mind and he would blow my cock!!! yes suremesh!!!

the only problem was the doorman got a bit fresh with me when i wouldnt go down on his ass and the rest is history......

Reply Oct 11th, 2006
United Kingdom

Been to all the clubs listed on this website, i find Goraczka the best..Plays amazing English music & has decent crowd!

Reply Sep 23rd, 2006
The Tadley Boys (Tom)
United Kingdom

Cheap drinkability: 8/10

Polish blonde hotness: BANG! 10/10

Polish blonde pullability: 3/10

Entry: Practically passport control

Music recognisibility: 1 in 5 songs

Overall fun factor: 9/10

Reply Apr 14th, 2006

The best!!! you can go there any time ... its always good!

Great music!

Reply Mar 13th, 2006
Charlie T.
United Kingdom

Well went there last weekend! Got in eventually( the doorman made us wait for ages), got to the bar, where we go stuck between a fight!

the doormen decided to beat everyone within the surrounding area at random( including me)! i got booted out, without even getting a drink, only to be told by the management, that they neede to 'restore the peace'! I would never darken these doors again, if you do go, keep your wits about ypu, as all these lot want is your money, and all they need is any excuse to boot you out!

Reply Feb 22nd, 2006

this is a great place for all the football club sports boys, fat americans and drunk english boys looking for a blonde polish girl who doesnt speak english....high class clubbing at its best!

Reply Oct 10th, 2005
United Kingdom

The guys on the door here are animals. The other day they split up a fight by grabbing one of the guys at random and smacking him in the face, and when a girl-friend of mine was drunk they hauled her out and practically through her onto the kerb. If you do venture past into its dingy interior you will be left wondering why it is so popular. Worth avoiding until the management realises the difference between 'security' and 'bullying and intimidation'

Reply Jul 2nd, 2005
United Kingdom

Me and a fellow Englishman were hunting down the action last sunday when we stumbled upon this gem, tucked away on the Szewska. It was surprisingly busy with people who presumbably didn't have to get up on monday morning (like us!) -and they kept rocking until the small hours! Ok, so it was hardly Space Ibiza but the tunes were funky enough and, to my knowledge, the best sunday night in town. Check out the postcard of Darth Vader while you queue for the toilets (well it made me laugh!).

Reply May 9th, 2005

I've been there almost everyday during my summer trip to krakow. It's a great place for a hard night :) Drink are less expensive that many other clubs, and usually people seem to have more fun! Unfortunately we experienced some problems with pickpocketers (a girl...) and some drunk teenagers, but it probably depends on the day.

Reply Dec 10th, 2004
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