Club Lubu Dubu

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Club Lubu Dubu
ul. Wielopole 15 Ip.

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Editor's review

Lubu Dubu boldly went where few bars have gone before. Such was their success that two newbies have now set up shop in the same building. Located in a little-explored area west of the Old Town, this bar has something of the flavour of the hip east Berlin hangouts of yesteryear. A student favourite, with a few twists on the bad old eighties, the decor is pretty much what you'd expect if you were to give a bunch of art school adventurers free rein to turn a flat into a chill-out (and at weekends party) zone. Flakey posters on the walls, cult film paraphernalia and murky lighting all dovetail to create a classic Cracow experience. Look out for concerts by alternative groups from across Poland (Sundays at 8) , also regular screenings of film classics (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8). Find it on the first floor.

Editor & Krakow Local


not shown

Krakow is not the same anymore. .. :(

Reply Dec 28th, 2012
United Kingdom

gonna miss this place.

Reply Nov 10th, 2011
United Kingdom

Amazing little club, great selection of 70s-80s cheese music, although the dj hasn't heard of bonnie. Only one drawback DON'T GO UPSTAIRS. The club kitsch has brutal, animalistic, obese, racist bouncers who wouldn't let us in because we're English. Stay on the cheese floor in lubu wubu and you'll have a great night.

Reply Sep 22nd, 2011

Bouncers are absolute unhinged animals, assaulted a group of tourists for virtually no reason, completely uncalled for. Do not go!

Reply Mar 30th, 2011

We are sick of all these snobby clubs in western Europe... So this was exactly what we wanted, just something a little different. We had the best night out in Lubu Dubu, it was crazy!!

Reply Feb 19th, 2011
United Kingdom

ok place, but they always play the same music, i'm sick of Sweet dreams and Mambo nr. 5 every week.

Reply Feb 19th, 2011
the boss

only one word to describe it: the best! the local number one in Krakow!

Reply Jul 1st, 2010

Nice place, many ambiances.. somewhere to eat near the exit... the place to be !!

Superbe endroit avec pas moins de quatre ambiances dans un immeuble désaffecté. Un lieu improbable et inoubliable !!!

Reply Jun 16th, 2010

Great place.

cheap drink, girls, several music room.

'70-'80 great event.

Reply Mar 1st, 2010
imdhira herasme

hola como estas quiero conocer amigos

Reply Dec 1st, 2009
United States

we never heard of anything like it we thought LuBu was a fictional warrior but he's not now we know.

Reply May 20th, 2009
United Kingdom

My friends were right, this club is ace!! top randum mixture of 80's cheese and Indie - had a top night singing and dancing about!

Reply Mar 10th, 2009
Andrew Stone
United Kingdom

Nice club, but bouncers on top floor very rough, they threw a group of boys and girls out for no reason down some stairs... Also our coats were stolen...

Reply Jan 18th, 2009

Good times. We having a good night out in the Singer-bar and the staff over there recommended LD.

Reply Dec 1st, 2008
András Radványi

I was in Lubu Dubu at Monday. The party was great. I danced with a nice girl, who named Eva. :*

Reply Jun 6th, 2008

cualquie cosa puede pasarte en este sitio! es de lo mejor de la ciudad! ole el Lubu Dubu!

Reply Feb 23rd, 2008

best nightspot in krakow, only need to be more people..... i wish melbourne had a place like lubudubu

Reply Feb 10th, 2008
Rob V
United Kingdom

Based on the reviews below, I lead my mates to this place and they gave me a right lynching for it!! I tried to remain positive and tell my mates that it ain't all bad, but to be quite honest this place is one of the dankest shite holes I've ever had the misfortune to be under the roof of. It looks like a squatters flat!

Reply Oct 8th, 2007

I passed very fantastic nights in this bar,I met a lot of people, strangers and polish. very good place

Reply Aug 23rd, 2007
DJ frush

cool but b-side is better - better music, not full of posers and foreign kids. b-side is where the actual indie kids go!

Reply Aug 14th, 2007
United States

Lubu-Dubu used to be great 3 years ago, but now it's just filled with foreigners. but who am i to complain, i'm a foreigner myself! LONG LIVE THE LUBU!

Reply Jun 21st, 2007

The things you see, will get you in a certain kind of magic... Dance, drink and love...

Reply Mar 24th, 2007
DJ Silence

4 years and still going strong. Lubu is by far my favourite place to dance in this city! the Sunday night concerts are usually great too!

Reply Mar 7th, 2007
United Kingdom

Crazy 80's communist milk bar meets school disco, this place really kicks off in the small hours, arrive at one or two after a few drinks elsewhere. Drink what the locals drink, double shot (50ml) of vodka each with a communal juice drink to wash it down. The dirtiest but best fun I had in Krakow! But not for everyone......

Reply Jan 21st, 2007

One of the best places I found in Cracow! I just can't wait to get back to Cracow and to Lubu! Like this Retro-look, the music and the atmosphere! Everything is HERE to have one of the best nights of your life!

Reply Jan 11th, 2007
United Kingdom

Come hither and enter a bizarre otherworld where Kim Wilde is Queen and Erasure are, well, the other Queens. Yep the Eighties dominate here in an unashamedly joyous manner. Akin to a labyrinth of standing-room-only sixth form common rooms witness as hoardes of student youth grind crotches and mouth along to every last lyrical cliche with missionary zeal as though each song is a nostalgic nugget from their childhood. In actual fact the cavorting whippersnappers weren't even born when these tunes were hits, a paradox which only adds to the quirky charm of this welcoming pleasuredome. By such haphazard logic in ten years time this joint will be jumping to the collective sounds of Haddaway, Jive Bunny and Vanilla Ice. Small mercies indeed.

Reply Dec 16th, 2006
De Josef

I like club fusion nearly as much as I like chocolate cake... Which is quite a lot...

Reply Dec 5th, 2006

It's half past nidnight now and I just had to listen to 80 music and visit the webpage of Lubu-dubu on Cracow-life.... I miss you Cracow, Erasmus Krakow 2005-6 the time of my life!!!!

Reply Dec 3rd, 2006
United Kingdom

Met the girl of my dreams here. Twice. I like Cheese.

Reply Apr 5th, 2006
United Kingdom

Good music. Good beer. Good High-five's C*nty, backward, meat head Polish bouncers.

Reply Apr 5th, 2006
United Kingdom

Strolled in free on two nights, strange mix of music from Kylie - Locomotion to Depeche Mode but played a lot of classic indie hits (New Order, Franz Ferdinand and the Smokers). Good if you don't like cheesy dance clubs. Best if you down shed loads of pevo and get ballbagged first!!! NB: Mind those stairs Aaron

Reply Apr 3rd, 2006
United Kingdom

I met my soul mate here. Fantastic place.

Overall excellent.

Reply Nov 11th, 2005

Hello! i came here last summer with my 3 friends while we were travelling thru poland .Music was great , people, dj , beers and vodka too.I hope to come again .bye

Reply Nov 9th, 2005
tahir mahmood
Federated States Of Micronesia

beautiful look

Reply Nov 6th, 2005
United Kingdom

are you sure you guys went to Lubu-dubu and not somewhere else? It's a place where misfit students get really drunk and dance (in the loosest sense of the word) to 80s tack and rock hits. Great if you want to a pull a grungey 18 yr old too pissed to pronounce her own name...

Reply Oct 23rd, 2005
Smiling cowboy
United States

I was very emotionally overcome when i found this place- very good looking clientelle, and even better music. I nearly met the love of my life here, but all he wanted to do was film me! In the words of Cher-

Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain

Sunny, you smiled at me and then it eased my pain

Now the dark days are gone and bright days are here

My sunny once shined so sincere, sunny once so true

I love you I love you

Reply Oct 23rd, 2005
Czech Republic

I didn't believe something like this is possible

Reply Aug 29th, 2005

Hey zula

Nerelerdesin ???

Reply Jun 4th, 2005
Luc Wijnans

Discribed by a friend as a cult place. Well when I walked in I saw what he meant. Really cool athmosphere and some crazy music. Music I'd forgotten but thanks to Lubu Dubu I am listining to some of the worst music ever made. So bad it's really good.

Reply Apr 26th, 2005
Shaun Mooney
United States

Very interesting place. You'll get a mix of new wave and rock and some dance music in here. Good alternative to the pervasive disco-polo. Drinks are well priced and the crowd is interesting as well. I'm a fan. You've got a cool, laid-back place next door too, for when you just need to kick it. I'm coming back.

Reply Dec 12th, 2004

Lubu dubu Lubu Dubu niech na zyje prezes klubu........retro postkomunists staila,very funy posters with Bruce Lee and lots of good vodka!Lenin way,Lubu Dubu is my first choice for party in Krakow.

Reply Nov 23rd, 2004
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