The Wishing Bike Cafe


Do you remember the Brothers Grimm fairy tale about a wishing-table, which covered itself with delicious food on request? Imagine you could similarly enjoy delicious, aromatic and fresh coffee in the park or at the bus stop, regardless of the weather! Well, now it's possible. A mobile Bike Cafe has recently started its rounds around the capital of Poland, favouring biker clients with a discount!

The idea of a mobile cafe observed in Copenhagen was brought to Poland by two owners and at the same time, brothers: Michał and Marcin Łojewski. They combined their passion for bikes, coffee and business and created the first Polish Bike Cafe. Just like in fairy tales, the mobile coffee shop has had to overcome several legal obstacles before it could reach a happy ending and become fully mobile. At the moment, you can meet them in front of Warsaw's Palace of Culture. They serve ecologically grown coffee in biodegradable cups. The owners' little secret is, however, the method of keeping their coffee machine working. Since they're not using any engine when driving, how does the coffee brew? "It's our little secret" say the brothers.


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Reply Dec 5th, 2022