The Garden of The Righteous to Be Established in Warsaw?

The garden would be a place of commemoration of various life-saving acts, similar to the one currently found in Milan, Italy.
The advocate of this concept is the first Prime Minister of post-communist Poland, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, now the President of the Honorary Committee of the European Day of Commemorating the Righteous (March 6.)
The aim of the garden is to immortalize the corageous acts of saving human life during WW II and later. - This would include 20th century experience of carnages, ethnic purges and genocides in former Jugoslavia, Rwanda or Cambodja. But Warsaw's garden would be dedicated mostly to Poles granted the title of the Righteous Among the Nations - explains Anna Ziarkowska, the Committee's Secretary.
The exact location and date is not yet known, however.


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