Jewish History Museum to Open Late 2013

Warsaw's much anticipated Museum of the History of Polish Jews, currently under construction, will most likely open on 20 October 2013. The building, which was designed by Finnish architect Rainer Mahlemaeki, is located in a large square in the heart of the old Jewish quarter of Muranow. Across from the building stands the Monument of Ghetto Heroes, which remembers those who suffered and died in the Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw.

The museum is set to become one of the city's top cultural draws, and one of the world's top museums dedicated to Jewish history and culture. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews will not only focus on the Holocaust, but on the entire history of Poles of Jewish faith up until today.

Several world leaders have expressed their interest in attending the museum's opening including Israeli President Shimon Peres and US President Barack Obama.


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