Euro 2012 Anthem Chosen

The official anthem for the Euro 2012 championship, taking place this summer across Poland and Ukraine, has been chosen by the public via TVP public television and the Radio Zet radio station. The honour was awarded to a song entitled "Koko Euro Spoko", sung by a group of Polish grandmothers dressed in traditional folk costumes.

The song was composed by Grzegorz Urban, with lyrics by the women of the group, which goes by the name Jarzebina. The light-hearted song combines folk elements with some really quite silly lyrics - after all, "koko" is the sound a chicken makes. Essentially, the title of the song translates to "Cluck Cluck, Euro no problem" - which doesn't seem to make much more sense in Polish than in English.

Jarzebina will perform the official Euro 2012 anthem at the opening of the championship in Warsaw on 8 June.


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