Warsaw Producer Wins Beyonce Remix Contest

Warsaw native Radzimir Debski, who produces under the name of Jimek and is currently based in Los Angeles, has won a competition to release an official remix of Beyonce's "End Of Time". The remix was selected from amongst 3000 submissions on Soundcloud, the online music platform which hosted this prestigious competition.

After fans, remixers, and DJs narrowed down the submissions to a top 50, a panel of judges which included Beyonce herself, Isabella Summers of Florence & the Machine, and Afrojack. Beyonce called Jimek personally over Skype to congratulate him on his win. Polish media have been quick to jump on the story, calling the international recognition of a Polish name an important part of Polish music history.

The "End of Time" remix will appear on 4: The Remix EP, available digitally from 24 April.


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