QR Codes Promote Warsaw History

A series of large format QR codes can now be found across Warsaw, in promotion of the Warsaw Rising museum's Miasto Ruin film. These posters have been set up in over 40 locations throughout the city, each linking the user to a page with information and photographs describing the spot before and after the Warsaw Uprising of 1945.

Scanning QR codes is easy with a smartphone such as the iPhone, and many devices have QR code scanning applications built in (free apps are also available for this use). These codes are a popular way to direct users to content online instantly, without the need of typing in long web addresses.

The Miasto Ruin (City of Ruins) film was first shown at the museum in 3D, but is now available to purchase on blu-ray disc. The film is the first digital recreation of the landscape from the Warsaw Uprising era, as seen from a plane flying over the city. The blu-ray disc also includes commentary in Polish and English, and is available to purchase from the museum's website.


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