Bus, Tram, Metro Ticket Price Rises

The city of Warsaw has recently raised the prices of public transportation tickets, from single fares to long-term passes. Ticket prices have been raised by as much as 30 per cent in some cases, causing much protest from its every day users.

A single fare ticket in the first zone (central Warsaw), now costs 3.60 PLN, and the shortest time-based ticket (20 minutes) is now 2.60 PLN (up from 2 PLN). While the prices have been raised significantly, most visitors to the city should feel little difference as Warsaw's bus, tram, and metro ticket prices remain just a fraction of the cost of other European capitals. For example, a tourist-friendly day-pass for central Berlin costs the equivalent of 27 PLN compared to the 12 PLN day pass in Warsaw.

ZTM Warszawa, Warsaw's public transportation authority, has also redesigned the paper tickets as well as its logo.

For the most up to date information on bus, metro, and tram travel in Warsaw head to the official ZTM Warszawa website.


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