British Restaurant Opens In Warsaw

Kogel Mogel is a new restaurant that serves the best quality English dishes you will probably find in Warsaw. Officially they describe themselves as International Cuisine with a British Style. Their English Breakfast is really first class, with sausages and bacon specially produced in Warsaw to English recipes. There is a whole range of English starters, main courses and desserts on the menu, and if you have a special request for something, - sausage and mash for example - you can call Richard (from Preston) or Beata and make a request. Kogel Mogel is in Nowe Bemovo but it is well worth a tram trip or drive to get a taste of what is on offer. We can't stress too much how good the food is, so if you are missing good old English food they are the place to go. Get the number 23 or 24 tram from the city towards Wola and it will take you to Nowe Bemovo, get off at the tram stop 'Wroclawska' and you'll see a large MacDonalds. When you get off the tram and look towards MacDonalds, Kogel Mogel is in a pedestrian street just behind the blocks you see to your right. You can always call for directions once you are there if need be. English breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Kogel Mogel, Powstancow Śląskich tel +48224081101.


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English Breakfast sounds good.

Reply Aug 7th, 2011