67 Years since the Warsaw Uprising

August 1st marks the 67th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a two-month long battle in 1944 when the Polish resistance Home Army attempted to free Warsaw from Nazi forces. This incredible story of bravery and defiance has special meaning for Poles, though ultimately it was a tragic event above all - the uprising crumbled, resulting in over 10 000 insurgents and nearly 200 000 civilians killed.

Several events will take place at the Warsaw Rising museum this weekend marking the occasion, including the world premiere of a new work by Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek entitled An Open Window. The performance will take place on Friday 29 July, and will feature the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and celebrated pianist Leszek Mozdzer.

Those looking to participate in some musical activities themselves should stop by Plac Pilsudski throughout the weekend, where choirs from across the country will lead the crowds in singing historic forbidden songs from the Warsaw Uprising period.

On Monday (1.08), sirens will wail across Warsaw at 5pm, and the city will draw to a halt for a moment of silence.


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