19th-Century Fort Revitalized with Street Art

Warsaw's officials are taking creative measures to avoid losing precious historic sites, that due to lack of financial backing have been in decline in past years. Fort Bema is part of a sprawling green space in Warsaw's Bemowo district, and is one of city's best kept secrets for intrepid travellers to the city.

This grass-covered brick fort dates back to the late 19th century, and was part of a series of forts scattered around the city, including the impressive Warsaw Citadel (a must-see for history buffs in Warsaw).

While Fort Bema has always been open to visitors, its interior has been falling into further and further disarray with careless graffiti and used bottles scattered across its space. While there was no money for a full renovation of this historic site, officials responsible for conserving and promoting the building decided to freshen up the space a little differently. Fourteen of Poland's top street artists have been invited to cover the space in beautiful, colourful murals. Stop by to see the results any time - the fort is open 24 hours a day!


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