Tired Fountain to Designer UFO

The folks who brought us last summer's wildly popular club 5-10-15 have begun the construction of a new project on Plac Na Rozdrozu called Unexpected Fountain Occupation, or UFO.

The square, just off of Aleje Ujazdowskie, near the Lazienki royal park complex and close to fashionable Koszykowa street, had until recently been home to a tired fountain and a bit of overgrown greenery. The people behind UFO decided to liven up this space and build a cultural gathering point, cafe, club, and hostel.

Working closely with French artist collective Exyzt, the crew has plans to build literally a flying saucer-type structure in the centre of the square. The plan is to finish the UFO and surrounding space for an opening on 2 July, in co-ordination with Warsaw's bid for European Capital of Culture 2016. Read more at the UFO's website!


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