Warsaw Celebrates Beatification

Several special events are taking place across Warsaw on Sunday marking the beatification of Polish former pope John Paul II. Pope Benedict XVI will lead ceremonies in the Vatican during a mass on Sunday morning, and many Poles have traveled to Rome to mark the occasion. In Warsaw, the main events will take place at Pilsudski Square and in front of the National Temple of Divine Providence in the Wilanow district.

Pilsudski Square in central Warsaw, the site of of Pope John Paul II's open-air mass in 1979, is where two large monitors will display ceremonies from the Vatican from 10am. Following the transmission, Warsaw's Bishop Piotr Jarecki will lead a holy mass to the crowd at noon. Exhibitions will also be open to the public including a chance to view an original papamobile (Popemobile) from 1979.

At the National Temple of Divine Providence, still under construction in Wilanow, a holy mass will be held led by the Bishop Jarecki in the square before the structure. At 10am the Vatican's ceremony will be transmitted on large screens. A huge mosaic-portrait of the former Pope will also be unveiled, created from over a hundred thousands photos.

The night will end with a concert on Pilsudski Square with music based on the words of John Paul II performed by Joachim Mencel. Dino Saluzzi, Jorgos, Skolias, Ewa Bem, and Valerie Ekoume will also perform.


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