Guardian Weighs in on Warsaw Krakow Rivalry

The UK's Guardian newspaper has joined in a classic Polish debate - which city is a better choice for tourists? Warsaw or Krakow? Read the article at the Guardian's website and decide for yourself! Below, our own editor Dana Dramowicz begins to argue in Warsaw's corner.

Jamie Stokes, managing editor of the Krakow Post ( OK, so Guardian readers want to know which city they should choose to visit in Poland. You and I both know that the capital is a dreary, grey place with zero charm. Krakow is much lovelier, but how can I make them understand?

Dana Dramowicz, editor of Warsaw Life ( It appears that your time living in the granny capital of Poland has clouded your judgment. While Krakow clings to its past, endlessly patting itself on the back for ancient achievements, Warsaw is speeding forward, creating a thriving metropolis of business and culture. Warsaw has loads more to offer...

Read more at the Guardian.


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