Coke Bins Bring Relief from Cold Snap

Those who've spent a while outdoors in the last few weeks, have likely spotted at least a few smoking cast iron bins dotted around the city. No, they're not garbage bins on fire. These unusual metal bins have been set up by the city of Warsaw and filled with a burning coal-derivative.

With temperatures dipping down to a daytime average of -10 degrees Celsius to as far as -20 at night, the city has been doing its best to protect its dwellers from the most bitter cold. The focus has been on busy public transportation hubs and particularly bus and tram stops.

With black smoke billowing out for days on end, the coke bins may not be the most environmentally-friendly option. But with ice and snow inevitably delaying traffic, we couldn't be more grateful for a few moments of warmth in this February cold snap!


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Reply Feb 28th, 2011