Metro Expands Artistic Ambitions

Warsaw's metro system has always tried to incorporate a little art and culture into our daily commute, such as with the annual Poetry in the Metro festival. The metro station of Marymont is a particularly well-known spot for urban art, as it is also the home to the A19 open art gallery.

Until now, the A19 has displayed works by local artists, and in particular, students and alumni of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (ASP). In the past, the space has seen such controversial works as "Lambs of God" by Julia Curylo, which we reported in January of this year.

However, Marymont Metro's A19 and the ASP now plan on expanding their activities to an international level. The gallery will choose new works for its walls based on an international competition for young (under 35 years of age) students and artists. The focus will be on innovative and yes, even controversial works. We're looking forward to the results!


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