Skip Traffic by Cycling Warsaw

Warsaw's traffic jams have long been a source of frustration for many of its residents who commute to work from its outer lying districts and suburbs. Recently, the "Life without Traffic Jams" initiative conducted an experiment proving that the quickest way to beat Warsaw's traffic is to cycle to work.

As Polish Radio reports, the experiment pitted three competitors against each other - race driver Maciej Wislawski, Polish motorcycling champion Mateusz Korobacz, and Olympic cyclists Jacek Bodyk. The three raced from the suburb of Bialoleka to the absolute centre of Warsaw at the Palace of Culture and Science. The motorcycle and car reached their destination both in approximately 37 minutes while the cyclist reached his destination in 33 minutes.

The lesson for visitors to Warsaw? Avoid an enormous taxi fare during rush hour and jump on a bike or the metro instead!


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