Better Connected in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw is extending its efforts to better connect the residents of the city in a number of ways - both physically and virtually.

Work has begun on Warsaw's second metro line, scheduled to be completed in time for the Euro 2012 football championships. The line will connect the city's core from the west (Rondo Daszynskiego) through Rondo ONZ, Swietokrzyska, Nowy Swiat, Powisle, and across the river to the stadium (Stadion station), and to Dworzec Wilenski in the east. For more information including maps and visualizations of the planned stations head to the official website.

The centre of Warsaw has also been further connected virtually. The city has set up the first free local wi-fi internet access in Warsaw in the tourist hot spots. Those visiting the areas of the Old Town, the Royal Route (Krakowskie Przedmiescie street), and part of the Powisle district will have access to the service.


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