66 Years Since the Warsaw Uprising

This weekend Warsaw will mark 66 years since its fated uprising against German occupiers from 1 August until 2 October 1944 when Polish resistance forces surrendered. About 16 000 were killed on both sides of the bitter fighting, in addition to nearly 200 000 Polish civilians (mostly through mass murders).

The relatively new Warsaw Rising museum, one of Poland's most modern museum spaces, will be hosting several events to mark the anniversary. Firstly, the museum will premiere a specially commissioned 5 minute-long film directed by Oscar nominated 3D artist Tomasz Baginski. Along with a team of 30 animators and researchers, Baginski created this film showing a bird's-eye view of a ruined Warsaw as it would have appeared in 1945. Watch a trailer for the film below.

The Warsaw Rising Museum's Park Wolnosci (Freedom Park) will also host the opening celebrations of a specially created CD for the occaision - www.wawa2010.pl. The album will feature 16 songs about Warsaw interpreted and sung by Karolina Cicha and friends. This CD even features interpretations of David Bowie's "Warszawa" from his Low album, as well as Joy Division's "Warsaw". Listen to a preview of the album below.

The concert will take place at 8:30PM on Friday 30 July. The Warsaw Rising Museum is located at Grzybowska 79.


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