September Airport Closures Planned

Officials at Warsaw's Okecie airport, the largest and busiest of its kind in Poland, have announced that the airport is scheduled to be closed for maintenance for three weekends in September.

Okecie's two major runways, which are set in an X-shape, are in need of repairs and thousands of square metres of concrete must be poured at their intersection. The airport has scheduled the weekends of September 4-5, 11-12, and 18-19 for this work - the building will be completely closed for travel. According to the Krakow Post, an estimated 170 000 passengers will be affected by the closures.

In response, twenty travel agencies have officially protested and several airlines, including Air France and LOT, have denounced the plan. They say that there is no reason to close the airport during peak travel season - and over entire weekends no less. The closures would undoubtedly result in major losses for these businesses.

The airport closures do not appear to yet be set in stone, but if you see a trip to Warsaw in your future - play it safe and skip these weekends in September when booking your ticket!


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well that's stupid!

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