Ugliest City in Europe?

Users of popular travel website TripAdvisor, recently voted Warsaw as the ugliest city in Europe. Considering the heavy damage the city endured in the war, and the severe communist architecture that was rebuilt in its place, it probably didn't come as much of a shock to those who have spent some time in the city. Warsaw also appeared in a second category, grabbing third place for worst cuisine behind London and Moscow.

The general response in Warsaw has locals feeling there's been a classic case of mis-representation. Residents often feel that visitors don't spend enough time searching out the city's gems and that tourists often focus only on the towering Palace of Science and Culture, a Stalinist structure of debatable aesthetic value. Take a few moments to look further out and dig a little deeper, both for architectural beauty and a delicious dinner.

Poland did have one solid showing however - regal southern neighbor Krakow was voted the most under-rated city in Europe.

It looks like it's time to step up your game, Warsaw!


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United Kingdom

Warsaw is lovely!! And it's getting lovlier and lovlier with every year. Just need time to cut off the paintfull future.

Reply Jun 6th, 2009

What?!? That's crap! There are far uglier cities in Europe, and Warsaw has the best selection of restaurants in Poland - granted, that's not saying much, but it beats Krakow or Gdansk when it comes to restaurant selection any day!

Reply May 11th, 2009
United States

that's bullshit - warsaw is great. granted it takes a little longer to get used to but i am thrilled im living here now!

Reply May 8th, 2009