Police Search For Farting Dissident

Everyone does it, some get a good laugh from it whilst others will shy away from the topic all together. Its hard to look at this story and avoid a bit of a chuckle though (even if its on the inside). Did you know that farting can get one in quite a bit of trouble in Warsaw, particularly if it is done whilst discussing the country's leading politicians?

Just ask Hubert Hoffman, a 45 year old Polish man who is now the subject of a nationwide manhunt by the Polish police after he was charged for farting loudly in response to his sentiment about the president.

Having been earlier arrested by the police in a routine check at a Warsaw railway station, Hoffman complained to the arresting officers that President Lech Kaczynski and his twin brother Jaroslaw, was responsible for turning Poland back to a Communist style dictatorship. He was reprimanded to show more respect for the country's rulers.

Hoffman replied with a loud fart and was immediately arrested. He was charged for "contempt for the office of the head of state."

He was later released on bail but failed to show up at a Warsaw court in early October to stand trial and the judge on case rejected an appeal by his lawyers to drop the charges. Remarkably, the court then odered police to start a nationwide hunt for the man. Not only does this signify that Polish authorities should lighten up on the whole business of what is essentailly a human need, but it also serves as a warning for Warsaw visitors: keep them silent and never in the name of the country's 'beloved' twins.


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fucking wonderful

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pharhting, if ye doing it wif Grande Intentions, makes a man's loins clean, and his reputation increases

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