Hi! Does anyone know of any amateur drama groups that I could join in Warsaw that you don't need to know much Polish for? Thanks

- Posted by sen2ng from Poland on Jun 25th, 2008

hello im currently also looking for an oppurtunity to act and found workshops for foreigners ( but unforunately i am still waiting for a reply...) but i also found that other place ( yes, the only group that answered) and i will go there soon to check this one out. if you are still searchen just write me a pm and i will give you details or we could even go there together ( would be quite good as i think all of them in that group are polish but they do speak english) regards

- Posted by franky from Poland on Jan 24th, 2009

Hi. Yeah that'd be great, still interested. Depends when it is though and where? When are you going?

- Posted by sen2ng from Poland on Jan 24th, 2009

http://warsztaty-aktorskie.home.pl/ this is their website atm they have got one week off but a new course is starting on 2nd of february , monday, that is when i am going there to see if i like it. this is the email theyve send me including information about time and price of the workshop: There are several possibilieties. If you want to join a new group - we have one that starts in Friday 6.02.2009 at 19.30 (till 21.30). I recommand you also 3 nice groups that already exist - but they are open for new participants: MONDAYS 19.30 - 21.30, THURSDAYS 17.10-20.10, SUNDAYS 18.00-21.00. One semester contains 15 meetings. The price is 380 PLN for friday and monday group, 520 PLN for thursdays and sundays. we could go there together if you would like to. btw my name is franziska and im originally from germany.

- Posted by franky from Poland on Jan 24th, 2009

Hi Franziska, Sounds good - I also know about one other I found out about recently, it's much cheaper. I don't have the deatail right now. Do you want to email me on nadiagraham83@hotmail.com and we can arrange to go to one of these meetings?

- Posted by sen2ng from Poland on Jan 25th, 2009

morning yeah thats fine with me. my email is teppichware@web.de see you

- Posted by franky from Poland on Jan 25th, 2009

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- Posted by NISHA_1986 from Poland on Apr 23rd, 2009

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