British in Poland documentary

Hello, I am a journalism student at Edinburgh Napier University. As part of my course, I plan to create a short radio documentary looking at British people who have emigrated to Poland. As part of the documentary, I am including interviews with British who now live in different areas of Poland. Last month I travelled to Silesia and Krakow and interviewed some wonderful people - I will be doing the same again this month in Warsaw - a huge gap in my current interviewees is that there are no women, which as I'm sure you will understand is somewhat one-sided. I will be in Warsaw between the 21st - 25th February. If there is any possibility that I could interview any British at all during these times (both sexes but particularly females) it would be very much appreciated - even if it is for only 15/20 minutes. Thank you, Luke Langlands.

- Posted by lukelanglands from Poland on Feb 5th, 2013

Hi, Sounds interesting. I have been here in Warsaw for over one year. You may contact me by the time you get to Warsaw. sweat_air(At)Ya h oo DOT c om

- Posted by daniel_rad from Poland on Feb 18th, 2013

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