Im looking for English native speaker

I'm looking for an English native speaker, how lives in Warsaw. and has a free time to read with me a book (of course in English). In this way I want to develop my English skills. To be more specific: This book was written in 1930 in London and it's about an artistic environment, for this reason it would be perfect to find someone who is interested in those subject (art and history)or ad least heard something about it :). Please consider, that I want to understand not only the text, but also the context. If you are interested, please write something about you, and when you have time to have first meeting. My e-mail. and about me: I study journalist, 9 mounths ago I moved to Warsaw. This book, with you will read with me, was gave to me during my holidays in London.

- Posted by Maaarta from Poland on Oct 5th, 2012

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