dirt cheap room for rent in city center

Hi guys I'm Polish girl 26yo. I have been living in nice flat in city center. My flatmate will leave flat around end of October so I'll have 1 free room. The room is very small but is very cheap! Flat is quite old but in city center is hard to find anything new( but several months ago owner made some renowation) Everything is clean :) in front of building is tram and bus station, 5mins on foot to metro politechnika station. flat is on the main street Marszałkowska. close to bars clubs and shops. I'm easygoing and nice flatmate, I like meeting with fiends, parties (only during weekends:) I really enjoy cooking. If you are looking for funny friendly flatmate here I am If you want to know about fees bills or want to see pic or..etc just mail me roomforrent@wp.pl Thanks

- Posted by dependable from Poland on Oct 17th, 2011

I was wondering if your room is still available and some details. Also if I would be able to check it out and possibly meet with you? I just moved to Warsaw from California My number is +48 725 855 425. Please let me know Thanks Jon

- Posted by liljon from Poland on Oct 18th, 2011

hi, yes it's still available. could you give me your mail..or mail me roomforrent@!wp.pl? Then I can give u more details. cheers Monika

- Posted by dependable from Poland on Oct 19th, 2011

Here is my email address jderosairo@gmail.com I would like to check the place out whenever you are free.

- Posted by liljon from Poland on Oct 20th, 2011

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