expats in Warsaw

hello guys, I'm a 25 year old interprete, I've just moved back to Poland after 7 years. I've lived in the UK, Belgium, Italy, France and Austria and now I'm back here, missing the international crowd and feeling like a foreigner in my own country; if anyone wants to hang out just respond to this post :)

- Posted by majanna from Poland on Sep 11th, 2011

Well I'm a foreigner in Poland, moved here with my Polish gf but my Polish is terrible. So I need to find more English speaking people to converse with. Here's my email if you want to arrange a meet sometime: alexqueens@gmail.com

- Posted by AQueens from Poland on Sep 12th, 2011

Hi, Asian expat will move to Warsaw in Oct. Of course, poor polish.... If you guys interesting to meet, pls write me. yu6412@hotmail.com.tw

- Posted by yu6412 from Poland on Sep 12th, 2011

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