A few weeks ago when I was city center I had exchange money it was euro to ziloty, court was 4.09 zl and they change from 2.97 so I lost minumum 1 zl per 1 euro It's looking no more amount but I changed more than 300 € and I lost minmum 300zl so never mind.. I said to who is working in this office that is feyk and I asked cancel that one and give me back my money so he didn't accept it and than he given to me a paper it have some e-mails and phone numbers and said me call here.. I try 3 weeks, and I send I mail than answered me but they didn't accept it. so I was in Police department a few hours ago about that and police-man said me, I need a lower also I have to go to police departman more time in a week for some procedures.. And will finished minumum one year later :o So I lost that money it's not important but please be carefull when you are changing your money!!

- Posted by srnvsrkn from Poland on Aug 25th, 2011

Which kantor did you use. I have used 2 kantors in the tunnels underneath centralna and received excellent rates. 4.75 and 4.7 pln pr gbp in the last few weeks.

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Aug 26th, 2011

I know that company, coz it happened to me also few months ago. But i forot its name. The are cheaters. They put a good rate outside and once you are in and change your money they change for a lower rate with some fake explanation. In the kantor i went the woman used a rate even lower than the dollar one to change my euros. Though outside it was 4. something. And i was so angry that at the end she had to negotiate with me and increase the rate. Even after that it was still very low. I think this company is the worst. I will never ever go there again...shame that i forgot the name. But i think it's Currency Exchange and something else.

- Posted by Maikeja from Poland on Aug 26th, 2011

tell us which one it is, and also if it happens to you refuse to leave and call the police

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Aug 27th, 2011

I don't remember the name of this kantor but it's oposite of the cinema , when you are going to centrum to old town by walk you will see "Empik" and than after you will see "Cinema". ( I don't know the street name) it's there and the bord very hi price.. I was in police department after that and police-man said I need a lower and if am I true I will back to money a years later.. so it's nothing.

- Posted by srnvsrkn from Poland on Aug 28th, 2011

the Kantor is on "CHMIELNA" and opposite of Cinema.

- Posted by srnvsrkn from Poland on Aug 29th, 2011

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