Irish people living in Warsaw

Hi, I was just wondering if there are any Irish people living in Warsaw. I am very curious of what do Irish guys think of the city, etc. Cheers :)

- Posted by Benika from Poland on Jul 27th, 2011

go to jimmy bradley's, i am sure you'll find some irish people there who will tell you.

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Jul 27th, 2011

haha, this is exactly where im heading to tonight! thanks for that anyway, cheers :)

- Posted by benika from Poland on Jul 27th, 2011

Moved here in 2005, married and have a baby girl. Experiences so far have been pretty much all good. I communicate quite well in Polish but thinking of working only part-time this year so I can concentrate on improving more. Any particular reason why you are interested in Irish people here? There is a Gaelic football group where you can meet more Irish:!/profile.php?id=100000788344464 and seen as you are heading to Jimmy Bradleys tonight I guess you know about Professionals In Warsaw:!/event.php?eid=250728991623717

- Posted by IrishinPoland from Poland on Jul 30th, 2011

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