Book Club

Hi! I just arrived in Warsaw and am looking to join a book club. Other than the International Women's Group, are there any other (english speaking) book clubs out there? I hesistate to sign up for the IWG since the membership fee is not cheap and since I'll be working, I may not be able to join their activities which all appear to be scheduled during a weekday. thanks!

- Posted by Marianna from Poland on Jul 27th, 2011

Hi Marianna, My RPG group is discussing Dance with Dragons, the current NYT #1 bestseller. We have an activity bout twice a month that is very literature-oriented on weekends. We also hang out some times too. There is no membership fee besides being a pleasant person. If interested, give me an email: CreativeCowboy[at]Yah oo[dot]com

- Posted by Shadow from Poland on Jul 27th, 2011

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