Looking for a room in a shared flat (Warsaw)!

Hi everyone! I'm an exchange student from Canada, looking for accomodation in Warsaw! I would love to rent a room in a shared flat, not too far from the city centre. I will be in Warsaw from mid september 2011 to July 2012. If anyone has a room to rent, or is simply looking for people to share a flat, let me know! :) Also, if you happen to know a good website where i could find accomodation, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

- Posted by Anurii from Poland on Jul 18th, 2011

Go to gumtree.pl. But at least you need to know a bit of polish.

- Posted by maikeja from Poland on Jul 19th, 2011

Thanks! I've been looking for a flat on this website for the past few days! I don't speak polish (even though I really want to learn), but I use google translate and it helps :)

- Posted by Anurii from Poland on Jul 19th, 2011

Lamo Answer to your question. Try: www.polishforums.com Try: Warsaw Professionals (on Facebook) Try my group of Role-Players - you play RPGs? One Canadian student in 2nd year psychology is looking for a flatmate.

- Posted by Shadow from Poland on Jul 19th, 2011

Hi! I'm moving to Warsaw in mid-Septemberto study psychology, and just realized that the appartments aren't that cheap that I thought...so now I'm looking for a roomate to split the rents with :)Please contact me if you are intrested! / Olivia

- Posted by OliviaW from Poland on Jul 23rd, 2011

Hey! Im also looking for someone to share a place in Warsaw, please let me know if you still interested! Thanks, Dayane

- Posted by dayane from Poland on Jul 31st, 2011

Hey:) I’ m looking for roommate to share a flat:) The apartment has 56m2, separate bedroom and large living room with kitchen. I am a second year student of veterinary medicine. :) I can write something more about myself;) To college (SGGW) is not far away ( about 8 minutes by bus). Near the subway about 6-7 minutes on foot. I will try to describe the house: is situated on a 11-ym floor apartment consists of: enter the corridor with a wardrobe is directly connected with the lounge and kitchen, the living room is also furnished with a kitchen in which there is a dishwasher, electric stove, refrigerator and microwave and also disputes the table. From the corridor you enter the bathroom. The bathroom has a shower. There is also a washing machine. You can go through from the bathroom to the bedroom (where are located two beds). The entrance to the bedroom is on the side of the bathroom and living room. The flat is a quiet, residential protected and close to everywhere. It is possible to rent space in the underground parking. The cost of renting is 1100 zł / month (including all fees). Of course I can send photos by e-mail:) Magda

- Posted by dik.sten from Poland on Aug 16th, 2011

hi magda i just saw ur offer and loved it.. i am gonna study at University of Warsaw as an Erasmust student for this semester.. i need room.. so is this close to my university ? i can pay right now and easily.. plz contact me.. also facebook.. Bunyamin Kahve Best

- Posted by benjimean from Poland on Sep 4th, 2011

Hi Anurii and others! I have just moved to Warsaw and I am looking for a single room in a shared flat with other girls. I have already found some options but need to find more people to live with. Have you found anything or are still searching? Are you already in Warsaw? Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

- Posted by barbaravr from Poland on Sep 13th, 2011

Hi I am searching single separate bedroom

- Posted by Mandeep from India on Sep 23rd, 2014

I'm searching for a house 2 rooms as fast as i can get it..

- Posted by Andrea from Nigeria on Jan 8th, 2017

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