Polish? It’s not so difficult!

Do you live in Poland and want to get to know Polish finally? Are you discouraged by all strange sounds? Don’t worry! You can also speak Polish. Klub Dialogu, a school of Polish Language for Foreigners, offers tailor made courses, adapted to individual needs of our client. You can learn in a traditional way as well as on the internet. What’s more we organize also cooking classes and bicycle tours. Every Saturday free conversations classes. Two levels: higher beginner (at 11.00 am) and upper intermediate ( 12.10 am). Check us out! http://www.learnpolishinwarsaw.pl/m90.en.t2,polish-classes/free-conversation-classes E-mail address: info@klubdialogu.pl

- Posted by Klub_Dialogu_Warsaw from Poland on Jun 16th, 2011

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