New in Warszaw

Hello! I am form Venezuela and im new in Warsaw. i would like to know people and charing all kind of activities.

- Posted by JanuzMcbo from Poland on Mar 30th, 2011

Hi!:) im Polish girl,but im new in Warsaw as well...I live here from the end of February, I got a job..and I really miss my student's life when around me were people from all over the im looking for any foreigners:)I speak spanish a little:) if u want,write to me - :) cheers!

- Posted by goga86 from Poland on Apr 7th, 2011

if you ever want to meet for a drink let me

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Apr 8th, 2011 is a partner with Warsaw Entertain who have a wide membership of people from all over the world. They hold regular parties and other events, but a great way of meeting new people is at their Monday evening Tandem Evening. Take a look at their facebook pages 'Warsaw Entertain' and 'Tandem Evenings Warsaw' and you'll find all the information you need to go along. Lot's of people attend on their own or as a group, and it's very easy to get to know people.

- Posted by Warsaw-Life from Poland on May 10th, 2011

hello im Gilly im new here mabye we can hang out sometime my email is

- Posted by Gilly_Mac from Poland on May 10th, 2011

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