help please!

Hi, we are 2 20 year old english girls trying to find a good club to go to. Needs to have great dancing but isn't just a pulling station for guys. We have already been here for 6 weeks and so far haven't found the right place to go. Please help!

- Posted by expat_girls from Poland on Mar 12th, 2011

This place looks quite interesting although I've never been to it myself... Let me know if it's any good as a friend of mine from England is coming over this weekend and I'm stuck for ideas as to where to take her... It would be great if any of you know of a place where the play Indie or Britpop music.

- Posted by Gavrilo from Poland on Mar 13th, 2011

you can also find details for this club on warsaw life...........

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Mar 15th, 2011

Hi - I am english and a relatively new expat in warsaw, made a mistake in a job interview and ended up in Poland ;-). What are you two doing here? I know lots of great bars and restaurants but not many (if any excellent clubs). Let me know if you fancy a coffee sometime though as I don't know any other english here very well at all. Will be interesting to see what you make of warsaw!

- Posted by anglieski from Poland on Mar 24th, 2011

Hi girls, depends on what kind a music you like, there are a lot of great clubs in warsaw. I recommend to visit at least once: Platinium, The Eve, The Space Club, Enklawa can also be nice during weektime. I had a great time in all of them, if you accept the differences between western night life and the east, I'll think you can have a great time to .. For club information: Check Facebook, there is a page for all of them .. or ask :-)

- Posted by Gobeyond from Poland on Mar 25th, 2011

Hey everyone! im an english guy aged 22 looking for some cool people to go out with and party! send me an email or facebook me: be cool to meet up sometime!

- Posted by GeorgeLON from Poland on Apr 9th, 2011

@angielski If you want to meet a bunch of creative and fun people without any children, outside of business, bar or sports settings then you have a few limited alternatives based around activities. One such option is to get involved with my role-playing games (RPGs) group. RPGs are collaborative games, which use language as a foundation for interaction. Each player plays a character involved in a story plot; imagine radio theatre. One central player, usually the host, prepares the storyline and other players work together to solve the story beit a mystery, commando raid or political intrigue. There is no limit to the number of players that can participate in a game of RPGs and it is a great way to get to know new people you meet before telling everyone your life story. Our group is an international collection of expats. We meet fortnightly to play on a weekend and enjoy a meal together at the same time. New players are always welcome. If you would like more information, contact me at CreativeCowboy[at]

- Posted by Shadow from Poland on May 14th, 2011

and in addition to what I have already writen you can drop me a mail: Enjoy your stay in warsaw :-)

- Posted by gobeyond from Poland on May 20th, 2011

Get to the vodka bar in where the old eurpojeski hotel used to be on krakowski psredmecie. As you will have guessed from despicable spelling of polish place names and general vagueness I am also from the UK. This bar is great to meet people and lots of options nearby to form a plan, it is also a little different to anything you would find in UK. I live about 2 mins away so drop me a note if you fancy a shot sometime -

- Posted by anglieski from Poland on Jun 7th, 2011

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