anyone fancy meeting up for a drink

I am working in Warsaw and wondered if there were other people out there who fancied meeting up for a drink every now and then. I am from the UK, but it doesn't really matter where you're from - maybe from another country with a drink-down-the-pub culture (Ireland, Australia, NZ, USA or Canada) or maybe anyone else who like to have a drink and a chat. Let me know.

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Feb 13th, 2011

hey blue, I'll meet you. Come to my favourite pub @Chlodna 25

- Posted by redstaple from Poland on Feb 20th, 2011

I'm frequently in Warsaw for work during the week near Nowy Swiat. Let me know. groovesoop a T g ma i l dot c-o-m

- Posted by groovesoop from Poland on Feb 21st, 2011

Hey yeah sounds good to me! Whats your facebook?

- Posted by GeorgeLON from Poland on Mar 3rd, 2011

Hey, it would be nice to meet up sometime. I’m Polish but I moved to Warsaw recently from other Polish city.

- Posted by Izabela from Poland on Mar 6th, 2011

Hello, My name is Elena and I come from Spain. I will be in Warsaw until mid may, so, if you want to meet sometime just let me know! My contact email is: Regards.

- Posted by comepiedras from Poland on Mar 7th, 2011

my e mail address is, let's me meet at chlodna 25 or legends in emilii plater.

- Posted by bluestaple from Poland on Mar 17th, 2011

Hello Blue =) How are you? You commented on my post but I am commenting you back on your post now..=)haha I just arrived here in Warsaw from Canada, I lived there for a while. my email is =)) i will be waiting for your email!

- Posted by kitkatmm from Poland on Mar 18th, 2011

Hey people! Ive moved to warsaw also looking for people who like to party at the weekend! add me on facebook: george barnbrooke

- Posted by GeorgeLON from Poland on Apr 9th, 2011

Lived in Warsaw just over a year now. Game for meeting up and beers or w/e mail: bifecake(at) mob: 518562945

- Posted by JumboJim from Poland on Apr 15th, 2011

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