A Closer Look at Kozyra's Work- Galeria Zachęta

Workshop for Adults 9.02 (wed) 6 p.m FREE ENTRANCE One of the characteristics that defines Contemporary Art is the capacity to promote, denounce and intervene. Art reflects and transforms life, and in this power we can find one of its great potentials - and it is precisely this perspective that we have chosen for an approach to some of the works by Katarzyna Kozyra in the Zachęta Gallery exhibition. In this workshop we want, together with the participants, to think about and consider the following questions: What is the power of art?; What are the limits of art?; Is the power of art only to show something?; Who has power, the artist or the public?; How can art change society?; What does it mean to create? On the basis of these questions, various activities will be proposed that allow participants to explore, create and interpret, opening up an active dialogue between Kozyra's work, the participants and contemporary art. led by: Antonio Xavier

- Posted by antonio from Poland on Feb 1st, 2011

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