Fraud at Princesa Club behind Novotel Warsaw Centrum

Hi I was in Warsaw and a guy lured me to walk in just see the club and girls without cover charge. I was in there, ordered a beer and sat there. Very attractive Girl came to me And we started talking. There were “free shots” and was literally forced to drink up. After a while they promised laptop and jacuzzi inside and girl promised to go with me after that if I paid club. Waitress was well trained to scam. She said 307 zloti I remember and said OK. After they basically drugged me, I was asked to pay and I did using debit card. It was not 307 zloti. It was 3007 zloti that was taken out of my debit card. That is around 613 GBP or 680 Euros in one go. I was too drugged and too weak to argue and somehow got back to hotel. I feel so betrayed and want this ruthless scammers to be punished if there is any law and order left in this country. What a shame. I even have debit card receipt for this amount with a club name on it and a wrist band. Is there any advice anyone could give me?

- Posted by jack from United Kingdom on Aug 8th, 2020

Hi. Same thing happened to me this week. Let’s see hie things end up. I have no big wishes for the police though.

- Posted by Nick from Finland on Feb 6th, 2022

Same happened to me. I've read now that it's a common scam and the police completely ignore it.

- Posted by B from Netherlands on Aug 14th, 2022

Same July 2022 when I was in Warsaw. I did file a police report, we'll see if anything happens.

- Posted by Guest on Aug 16th, 2022

Did they do this to you in Princesa in 2022?

- Posted by Jacob from Poland on Oct 7th, 2022

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