Looking to meet some new people

Hi, 26 year old english girl, looking to meet some english speakers to hang out with in Warsaw. I am currently working here most weeks until June/ July.

- Posted by English_Gem from Poland on Feb 27th, 2010

Hi, I will be in Warsaw in next 2 weeks for 6 months. I'd also like to meet english speakers!! I'm from Ireland!!

- Posted by shirlb73 from Poland on Mar 1st, 2010

There's a group of Brits and Canadians that get's together for dinner every week, and other activities like paintball n' stuff. The organizer has postings here, and you can email her to get on the distribution list for their messages (zimkwazi@gmail.com). I haven't had the chance to attend any of their meetups (because I'm an anti-social American:-). But they seem like a nice group - I'm sure you'd meet some fellow Englishmen and women there. Brad

- Posted by bradinwaw from Poland on Mar 4th, 2010

Hey. I'm an English Guy in Warsaw each week and I'm up for meeting new people. Let me know if you want to meet up.

- Posted by WarsawJay from Poland on Mar 10th, 2010

Hey, id be up for meeting a fellow brit, or anyone for that matter who can speak english! Email mattafix@fsmail.net

- Posted by TimEngGuy from Poland on Mar 20th, 2010

Hey, I'm Irish (Will that do) I just came to Warsaw y'day 20th Mar and would love to hang out with someone? I will be working here in Pramerica for next 4 months!! Contact me if you want to meet up! Shirley :-)

- Posted by shirlb73 from Poland on Mar 21st, 2010

Welcome to Warsaw! I just moved here with my girl this month, and we hardly know anybody to go for some drinks with! I'm actually supposed to be Polish, but I haven't been here most of my life, and English is my main language. We would like to meet some English speakers! lukaszsos@yahoo.com

- Posted by warsawski from Poland on Mar 26th, 2010

Ok we should all meet!?!?! lol...When & where??

- Posted by shirlb73 from Poland on Mar 30th, 2010

dinner this week? :) I am here just for 14 days and looking for anyone to chat with. Just write if you want - spiderik@centrum.cz

- Posted by spiderik from Poland on Apr 12th, 2010

Hi there! I'm Bart, I'm from Warsaw but I used to study in B'ham (UK). If any1 is interested I'd love to meet up with an English speaking person to hung out and chat :) If you like you can email me: barttomanek@interia.pl I'm 21. Bart

- Posted by BartWarsaw from Poland on Apr 15th, 2010

hello, i'm a 31yr old englishman called Craig who is stuck in warsaw. I think I'll be here for a few more days by the look of it so if you are interested in meeting up please get in touch. I'm staying at the Kyriad Prestige Hotel.

- Posted by cranie from Poland on Apr 17th, 2010

it'd probably help if i left an email address for contacting I guess redcranie@yahoo.co.uk. A very bored Craig stuck in his hotel room

- Posted by cranie from Poland on Apr 17th, 2010

English_Gem :) I'm 21 and I'm from Warsaw. If u still lookin for someone to meet up email me: barttomanek@interia.pl

- Posted by BartWarsaw from Poland on Apr 17th, 2010

Hi there! I'm Emilia and I am 25, I'm originally from Warsaw I've only just moved from Northampton (UK) where I studied and lived for 6 years. I'd love to meet up with an English speaking person or erasmus student to chat or hang out with :) If you're interested, drop me a message staciwaemiliaart@hotmail.co.uk

- Posted by milia11 from Poland on Aug 8th, 2011

Hey you still wanna meet up English_Gem?

- Posted by from Poland on Oct 4th, 2011

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